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I appologize, if I’m too early, as I’m not, yet , a host. I’ve been a long-time landlord and I’m about to renovate a duplex to utilize for airbnb and would love to get some feedback from experienced hosts as to whether you think my ideas would work:

This duplex is 2 miles from Downtown Atlanta, 1 minute to the major freeways (I-75/85 and I-20), 10 minutes to the airport and basically close to anything intown Atlanta. Awesome location as to distance.

It is part of an artist community that I created. A partner and I have accumulated 6 duplexes in a so-so neighborhood. They’re all on the same block and we fenced everything and have a wooden gate, that is being closed at night. Instead of the normal, lower-income tenants from the neighborhood, we have creatives from all over Atlanta, that love being part of a community of like-minded. We have better tenants and they love living so central and affordable.

So, I’m thinking that I can really make that an interesting experience for potential guests and stand out from the rest: I want to make one side of the duplex a ‘private artist gallery’, by utilizing creations of the various artists, who are living here. Create a book with pictures, prices of works and picture and bio of each artist and contact info. They can meet with the artists, if they’re interested in a piece. They can be part of the community, hand out at the bon fires that happen several times a week etc.

The other side I want to make an ‘Asian zen cottage’ and utilize a lot of Asian, minimalist design, but very zen and calming.

And I want to have a connecting door, so, if someone wanted to rent both sides (each side 1 Br, 1 Lr, 1 kitchen, 1 bath, 1 dining room) I could rent it as a larger home.

I will give a percentage of each rental back to our community and the artists can choose what to spend it on.

Do, you think that having a more unusual offering like this can be beneficial or would it hinder me more, because it might not appeal to everyone? I’ve always liked niche markets, so I’m really looking forward to renovating this way.

I figure I’ll offer each side for $ 50/night each in order to get guests and good reviews.

I think the concept is intriguing and appealing ~ go for it! Why not!


It sounds lovely to me. I doubt that people booking via Airbnb would be looking for such a thing when starting their search, but it might give you an edge over other properties if they find it appealing.

I suggest you ALSO advertise at places other than Airbnb where you can capitalize on the unique aspects of your properties - and get your own website.

I love the idea of having the “private artist gallery” with lots of art of Atlanta based / local artists. You could, if budget allows, even put in furniture of local Atlanta furniture designers. This side of your story REALLY appeals to me, and I think for sure there will be a public for it on AirBnB.
But… The other side of your story I don’t like at all. I’m sorry! What the h*ll is an “Asian zen cottage”? A cottage sounds like England, Asian sounds like Asia. And the mix of both sounds like something really kitch. If I understood correctly it all sounds like some Disney fake decoration. Sorry for my harsh words :o(, but I feel I need to tell you this…
Why don’t you show the best of Atlanta’s artists and designers on both sides of your duplex? Within the available “range” go for two juxtaposing styles or styles that create an interesting tension between them. One side can be a little more minimalist (maybe the art gallery) and the other side a little more bold. All as an element of surprise, but staying authentic, staying true to Atlanta. If we want to see asian we will go to Asia :slight_smile:.

On another note: It sounds like a lot of kitchen - dining room - livingroom. Can’t you squeeze in another bedroom in at least one part of the two. Ar maybe a sleeping nook, are a bespoke sleeping cocoon for children in the living room. This way you will also serve the public that needs 2 or 3 bedrooms and you will be able to charge extra.

Hope you didn’t feel offended. I said it all in good spirit and if I’m ever in Atlanta I would LOVE to sleep in a private art gallery.

This sounds like a great idea, then again you’ll find out for sure only by trying it!

With that said I can give you a bit of perspective on what I have done here in Montreal. I contacted local artis and galleries, as our clients expanded and got a second property or just wanted to upgrade their current listing, I didn’t want to just find generic art from ikea or other mass produced stores ( the guests might very well have the same painting at home )

So we started putting works of art in the rooms and throughout the apartments themselves, granted we made sure the artists agreed that we are in no way responsible should something happen to them but we do our best to take care of the works.

We added small tags with both prices and the name of the artist, not often but on occasion a guests has wanted to purchase one of this works, perhaps it helped that it’s a more personal experience waking up to a painting than seeing it in a gallery, surrounded by other people.

But it allowed us to have great art at almost no cost to us. You seem like you can integrate the art right into the experience of the guests, but I would say make sure it’s an added benefit. As in a guests not interested in this concept still see your listings as attractive options in terms of price and reviews, so you get the best of both worlds.

Exactly a friend of mine in Porto, Portugal, does it like that, and I am thinking of doing it like that in our place in Lima, Perú. When traveling around people will easily get in contact with the mainstream, souvenir, generic, decoration stuff, but it is difficult for people traveling on a rush to find the good, original, authentic artwork.
And people who are not interested indeed will not mind it being there.

I’m totally not offended. That’s what I’m looking for. You all have the experience, I’m just starting, so the feedback really helps me.

Actually, I wasn’t trying to create a Disney type environment, but I’m personally very drawn to Feng Shui and Asian furniture and the calmness of the colors and natural materials used in Asian design.

Cottage to me implies that it’s small and has character. I’ve worked a lot with Victorian cottages, here in Atlanta, so, locally it’s not seen as a word just used in the U.K. and I’ve seen other listings with the term.

I hear you and will consider doing both sides that way. I just may not have enough art in our community to do that and I’d have to consider going outside, which might create tension with my artists.

I’m planning to have either one or 2 queen size sleeper in the living room, as it’s about 15’ x 15’, so that would be additional sleeping space. And if someone rented both sides, then I can turn one of the living rooms into a full bedroom and have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Yes, 2 kitchens, but that’s what it is. The ‘dining rooms’ are very small and could also rather be seen as a breakfast nook or be an office and they have a front/back door opening right into it, so can’t really be formal bedrooms.

I don’t want to push the number of beds, as I really don’t want to have huge groups. So, I think having 1 king bed in each of the bedrooms and 2 queen size sleepers in each living room, that would be enough. Each side has parking for 1 car and I don’t want to create some big party groups.

Thank you so much. I’m very glad to hear your perspective and that you feel that it has contributed to your guests’ experience.

I love win-win situations and the artists here love the idea of having an outlet to showcase their art, but that I don’t commit them to anything and that they can move pieces around or add new ones, and possibly sell some.

You’re absolutely right. I want people to feel that they have a nice space to stay in and that it’s worth their money, but that the art or being in an artist community will be seen as the icing on the cake and hopefully make my listing stand out, in addition to price.

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Thank you for your feedback. I do plan to get my own website and appreciate you pointing that out.

@Michaela_Graham. Want a truly outside the box idea? Prepare the space so that artwork can be displayed. Artwork ready lighting, rails for hanging stuff. Maybe a bookcase for displaying sculpture and/or ceramics. And then, you can market these two spaces as a place that artists from elsewhere can come to hang their own small shows for potential buyers in the Atlanta area.

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Hm…that’s an interesting idea. I’ll have to see, if there’s a way to make that work.

One problem would be that we really don’t have extra parking within our compound. And while there’d be parking on the street, people might not feel comfortable parking their cars there, since the neighborhood is still transitioning. We’re very central to everything, so, it’s easy for people to get there, but safety concerns might keep people.

And maybe the price could include some guys who watch parked cars on the street.

We’re also not zoned commercial, so having art shows might create problems.

But definitely an idea that could maybe get worked in. Thank you.

@Michaela_Graham. Yes. I see those obstacles and suspect that they might be too much. I imagined a NYCity artist arriving having arranged 6 appointments with gallery owners in Midtown. These gallery owners would arrive at a pre-set time, one at a time, and the artist would have the opportunity to show them their work in a presentation that is controlled.

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I like that idea!

They could stay in one bedroom and use the other side and/or other rooms to show the art in their best light. I simply had no ideas that artists are wooing gallery owners and thought it was all done with portfolios and pictures and gallery owners trying to convince artists to let them show their work.

You’re really getting my wheels going with this :wink:

Sounds like a great idea! I think anytime a listing has anything extra special to offer that’s a bonus.

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I think this is a wonderful idea and I’d love to do it myself! (But will never have the opportunity). You could also make sure that the artworks are available to buy online - that might help sales and be an easy way for your guests to make a purchase.

When your listing is ready, please post it. I’d love to see it!

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That’s a good ideal. Since I’m planning to have a website anyway, I could add those items onto the site.

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