Favorite tv/movie streaming service that guests use

I offer 3 streaming TV services (as well as antenna TV) to my guests - Netflix, HBOGo, and Amazon Prime. I can actually see the shows they stream from al 3 services. Netflix is “Your Account -> Viewing Activities”. HBOGo - go to “Watchlist -> Continue Watching” (I don’t know how accurate that is). For Amazon Prime, go to “Accounts -> Improve your Recommendations -> Videos You’ve Watched”. I see that by far (more than half of) my guests use Netflix, and maybe 10% uses Amazon Video, and 0 used HBOGo. This is surprising to me - since HBOGo is actually the most expensive streaming option. Do others see the same pattern either explicitly or implicitly? Thinking about dropping HBOGo.

We are only offering netflix and considering to add eurosports

We have basic cable and I find that guests very rarely watch TV.

Apple TV, never had any complaints. Cheap, easy and awesome!

All my TVs (Living, Bedroom and vintage travel trailer guesthouse) have Rokus attached and they can use whatever streaming services we have on the Rokus: Netflix, Amazon, acorn, HBOGo. It gets used a LOT by my millennial Brooklynite guests. The real question is can you offer only streaming options and cut the cable. For my market I would say probably, but I do get the occasional 50/60s folks (our ages actually) who are more comfortable with traditional cable.

Aren’t you afraid of being locked out from your account? Or by letting your guests access your ‘watched’ history?

Being “locked out” is not an issue. I can stream those services to as many devices as I want. I don’t care if they see what is in my library on Netflix or Acorn or Amazon. They can’t buy anything unless I give them the purchase code on Roku.

I provide Netflix and I find young guests and family with kids seem to like it and use it a lot. I think this is a value adding service for most guests, and it only cost me $11aud a month.

My guests like Netflix a lot. I host guests from many different countries and the upside with Netflix is that many languages are available, that is not the case with Amazon Prime (at least last time I checked, it was only available in English and I am in France) or for most cable TV channels.

I said elsewhere on here that I set an account for each guest in their language (Turkish for my last guests for instance) and they seem to really appreciate this :slight_smile:

No one has ever asked for any TV streaming service at my apartments. I have 200+ local and international channels, no one has ever complained.

That’s interesting. Do you think I could unsubscribe from cable TV and offer Netflix only?
My guests are mostly English-speaking and my property is in a Spanish-speaking country.
I think some cable movies/TV programs are dubbed and available in English as well, but I am not sure since I don’t have TV in my home and never had it in this country.

It is all about demographics. I get a very high percentage of “digital workers” from the greater New York City area. Art directors, web designers, developers, brand managers, media consultants, etc. That demographic has mostly cut the cord of cable and want streaming services, although many come with their own devices on which they can stream stuff.

If ALL I did was rent I would get rid of my cable, but my place is as much my weekend home as vacation rental and we are still sort of tied to cable.

I have a smart TV so guests can log into their own Netflix, Amazon Prime etc., accounts, if they have them. Also Youtube etc which is free. I don’t want guests using my accounts for a few reasons, not least of which is I don’t want them knowing what I watch :wink: I only have Freeview in my rental cottage, no fancy movie packages or set top boxes. Just the basics. But the Smart tv is brillliant.

So much of this depends on where you’re located and why guests come to stay with you. We are in a tourist / beach / warm weather area so I don’t expect guests to be spending time indoors watching TV.

Out of season, when all the tourist attractions are still available, many guests are here for conferences / business but still prefer to spend their evenings dining out. So very few guests use the TV.

I know this because I always leave the TV on a certain channel (music) before they arrive. More often that not, it’s still set to the same channel when they leave.

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I think HBOgo would only be heavily used when one of their big shows like Game of Thrones is releasing new episodes. That’s the only reason I use HBOgo, haha.

Netflix is the big one. We just offer antenna and then a Roku where I have a guest Netflix account and Amazon Prime. Then there’s also a few free streaming services like PBSkids and people of course can log in with their own accounts.

BTW, for those offering streaming services: How do you factor it for taxes if you’re sharing your personal account? By the same percentage as your utilities and such if you’re living on a shared property?