Favorite hard floor cleaner?

We are looking to buy a new one to keep in our str suite. A steam mop is Not an option (quality Vinyl planking can be damaged by heat).
We have a Hoover hard floor cleaner upstairs and it is great but are open to whatever the latest and best is.
Any recommendations? Preferably under $200.

I use a micro fiber “powerfresh” steam mop for my vinyl floors. I Like it because it had adjustable steam levels and I have never damaged the floor(visibly). The Spinwave by Bissell, I have also heard good things about but never used in my home.

Unfortunately, a steam mop is not an option but would have been our first pick, as it might cause delamination of the areas that have vinyl planks.

Hot water with a splash of Fabuloso in a bucket.


Edit: spelling of Fabuloso!

It appears he’s looking for a device that does the mopping.

My favorite is also mopping. I like my Cedar-O with the large microfiber pad because I can easily see the dirt it gets up and I rinse it often. Many people prefer not to really know.

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Nothing wrong w/ a good microfiber mop either - just hoping for what might be a better option.
Thanks for the Fablioso tip - the concentrate looks like quite a deal.

I love this floor cleaner. I tried 3 different brands before settling on this.
Features I love:

  1. No cord but powerful
  2. Self cleans the mop/roller
  3. Very easy to clean.

Now I’m not a perfectionist but it does a good job quickly and easily.

I usually do a dry vacuum first with the machine and then again to wash. I make my own cleaning solutions depending on what I’m cleaning. Google a wood floor cleaner.


That one is currently unavailable. There are probably a dozen just like it all made in different colors but at the same factory in China. LOL.

So true. But I looked for a powerful one, no cord and the roller head self-cleans. Also, I can vacuum mop my whole house and still have power.

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It sounds great. I look forward to the day when I can use machines like this.

? Is it too personal to ask why you can’t use machines?

LOL, no. It’s because of the dog boarding business. Way to0 much dog hair and other yuck.

As it is I typically sweep to get the big stuff like tumbleweeds of dog hair, grass, pine needles. Then I run the robot vac. Then I mop with the big wide microfiber pad. I take it out and hose it off with the power nozzle in the back yard when temps are above freezing. I do that instead of mop and bucket most times. When I do use a mop and bucket I have to change out the water with each wringing of the mop.

I vac or sweep several times a day but I only mop a few times a week. I tend to rotate around parts of the house.


This product gives me a migraine and triggers asthma attacks. Be careful using heavily scented products. Some of us like to breathe! :slight_smile:

It’s called Fabuloso, not Fablioso. Yes, it does have a strong scent, but in my house, as all the windows and doors are usually open, I find the smell disipates quickly.

I’ve also had to train my cleaners here in Mexico to use about 1/10th of the amount of soap and cleaning products they normally love to use :slight_smile: They’ll keep mopping with the same pail of filthy water for the whole house- the attitude seems to be that if it smells like Fabuloso, it must be clean.

Well at least it smells clean!

When I started using it my daughter told me it reminded her of Spain. The place we stayed in Madrid mopped daily with it.

The scent is strong, it smells clean but I think it dissipates quickly as well. I love it, I put a splash in the toilet and scrub, I make up a spray with about 5% Fabuloso and the rest water and use it on everything, windows included.



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I like the lilac version. I have spray bottle of it diluted. I need to check bottle, I think it is 1/4 cup per 2 cups water. For something I buy at the dollar store, it works great!

For my hardwood Tile & floors I use Bona. Bona Clean | Bona US

To all who say it dissipates quickly - you’re mistaken. I had to leave my house the day the new cleaners came and used it. I could still smell it that afternoon.

My Mexican friends love the smell because it reminds them of home. I can’t breathe.

I have asthma. Fabulouso (btw, the fabiliso was not my typo) triggers my asthma. So do most strong scents.

When I’ve stayed in places overseas that use it, I’ve either had to leave or use white vinegar solutions to clean again to make sure I could breath. I like breathing.

The smell may not have dissipated quickly at your place, but as I said, my doors and windows are open, and it does at mine. Plus I use very little in a pail of water.

For me, it’s the opposite- I can’t stand the smell of vinegar (or the taste) or I would use it for cleaning.

Hopefully you let the host know about your sensitivities before booking so you can avoid a bad experience.


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For my wood floors, I use Murphy’s oil soap, which I’ll also use on vinyl if I already have a bucket mixed, but I mostly use a little bit of Dawn dish detergent in a bucket of water.