Farm stay" or "guest house" or "house?" How to list!

I am not sure how to list my Airbnb! I have been doing it as a “house”, but really it is an out of sight guest house. I just didn’t think that sounded as private as the property truly is and wondered if as many people would search for it. Now there is the “farm stay” option. It is on a 10 acre working show horse farm. Should I call it a farm stay or will that again get fewer searches or expectations that are more than normal (we don’t have fresh eggs or a variety of farm animals…)?

Thank you!

My guest house is on a farm. I didn’t choose the farm option because it says something about guest being allowed to interact with the livestock (uhhhhh, NO!) and that there would be arts and crafts (WTF?). I’m in wine country so while my guest enjoy the farm atmosphere it is not what they come here for but maybe your situation is different?

I’m on 100 acres of wheat and hay with horses, donkeys and chickens.

I am so glad I checked before I had someone show up thinking I was crafting with them and giving pony rides! I will keep it as a house. I am in horse country so the farm part is an allure, but my title mentions the horse farm so i think that is enough.

Do you put yours as guest house or just a house?

We’ve got one up the road that says “Equine Home Stay”.

Just listed as “entire house.” It’s a second home on my property.

I think that is an Airbnb just for horses. LOL.