"Family Friendly" seems to have become permanentized on my listing

I can’t figure out how to edit my listing to remove Family Friendly, at least in preview mode that I can see. All I can do is go into the amenity details and I’ve checked NONE of the “family” list items. I tried multiple different browsers.
The previous option I had – not suitable for 2 and under – seems to have disappeared! A 12 year old and a parent would be fine. I only have a 300 sq ft efficiency and simply can’t accommodate 3 people, including a parent and two kids, or (ugh) two parents and two kids, etc. And the space is not baby proofed at all.
If anyone knows how to remove “Family Friendly” please advise. Thanks! You guys are THE source of most helpful info.

Have you looked at the Booking area? That seems to be where Family Friendly is set with my web interface.

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Yes, got it. And then it shows up in rules. Brain fart. Host fatigue. Something. Thank you. I also posted this on the airbnb host forum. Crickets. Air Host Forum rules!