Family friendly/professional travelers tips?

Most of us by making a listing have in mind most of times a certain category of guests.
A family or a veteran traveler is what I love most to host (both are not so easy categories but I’m definitely up for the challenge)
A very safe and central city zone and location attracts both categories and helps lots having them prioritize a listing.
Ofc a must for a family with children is a baby crib and chair, I have added a DVD player too with some movies for kids.
For professional travelers I guess priority is location,safety,5star reviews and comfort (ac,tv set,fast internet connection)

I would be very interested to know what kind of things a host can do to boost a listing , make it more family friendly and more attractive in the eyes of an experienced traveler.

Hi @Gheorghos

Why don’t you give us a link to your listings to help us make some suggestions.

Hey Helsi, you can find a link in my profile, thank you :slight_smile:

As a traveler, I need a power bar to charge my electronics, a good bedside light. Quiet room, comfy bed, lots of pillows, fluffy towel. Place to put my suitcase. Ability to come and go without interruption or time constraints. Ima night owl, so don’t want to be restricted to time I return after a day out.

Also free parking is a huge advantage. So many hotels (here anyway) charge up to $25 per day for parking. Most of our business guests have a rental car. As you say, fast and reliable wifi is a must.

Because business guests want to travel light - preferably with only a carry-on and not luggage they need to check in - then they appreciate a hairdryer plus shampoo and toiletries. A full length mirror is a great idea so that they can check their appearance before heading out to a business meeting, also an iron and ironing board.

I find that they also appreciate a flexible check in time as often they arrive late at night due to time constraints. Check out times aren’t usually a problem though.

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