Fake complaint of sexual assault - Airbnb finally apologize and compensate me

Days ago I’ve started a topic* here explaining that I’ve reported to airbnb a guest who spent 2 days masturbating all over my apartment (while I was there) and listening to porn out loud.

Airbnb started an investigation and immediately closed my account because of a “conflicting report” from the guest who apparently accused me of sexually assaulted him.

It has been extremely complicated and I could go into details, and thank god I’ve been pushy and insisting on this affair, but Airbnb finally investigated on its own investigation, reopened my account and sent me a compensation of almost one thousand dollars, apologizing for the mistake and how I’ve been treated.

Some members here wanted an update about this story. So here it is. I must say that I’ve spent hours resolving this affair and got some journalists to contact airbnb as well. It surely helped. If I did not insist, Airbnb would just have closed my account on a fake report basis, without a serious investigation.

I’m very concerned how Trust and Safety is impossible to reach and how simple case managers can take such biased and unfair decisions, shut down our business, etc.


*A moderator decided to close the initial topic. I don’t know why and I expect the same to happen again. It’s too bad because this story is of importance for any airbnb hosts experiencing such a false complaint against them.