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"Fake" bookings?



We are 6 months into our air Bnb listings (but no newbies to hospitality or running resorts and bed and breakfasts). I’ve noticed recently I’ve received messages from potential guests, via Air Bnb site. The last one from “Joe” who then tells me his woes about a hacked credit card, but still wanting to book a week’s stay, starting a few days from now. Said he had a new card.

I patiently explained that AIr BNB handles all bookings, so he’ll have to book it through them, with the new card.

Get another email later saying it wouldn’t work, but he wants the room, he will be here, he already has the airline tickets and he has a debit card. He keeps including his phone number, which of course doesn’t show up as Air BnB blocks it until someone books. Joe was definitely an ESL person as well.

This was something I experienced a lot when doing bookings for South Pacific resorts, and learned to catch certain key words that proved it was a scam, but this was the second time on Air Bnb that someone just sounded odd. I think I’ve made him go away with my last message, telling him we could do nothing for him, and directing him back to Air Bnb, telling him that his credit card problems were something we couldn’t help him with.

Anyone else get these kinds of booking requests?


No.But I use Instant Book. I still receive requests and questions from time to time but nothing weird.


I rarely get anything like that but the one or two times I did I just report them to Airbnb. My time is my money.

With this guy I’d tell him to bug off, report him and then there is a way to block so they can’t keep “trying to book.”


I get scammers often on Vrbo, not on Airbnb so far.


Click the little flag on the profile and report them for trying to make contact outside the system.


I’d call Airbnb right away. They can reach out to the guest to help him. It may not be a scam. It could just be someone who is technology challenged. Either way, he needs to book through the site or you turn him away if he shows up at your door.


You did the right thing. This guy is weird, and you should never book weird people. It never turns out well.


I did “flag” him. He never commented. And luckily he never showed up at my door. I don’t believe Air BnB actually gives out addresses unless someone books. So dodged the bullet on this one. THANKS ALL!

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