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Fake account booking - pot party - trashed and burglarized apartment

Any way to avoid this kind of scam?

Everyone’s worst nightmare. I meet my guests 90% of the time and my neighbors are my eyes. I have yet to put in my outdoor security cameras (I bought a new flipper house and that has taken up a lot of time but, geesh, time to do it!). There will always be crooks and scammers. However, I wonder about Air’s claim that so few damage claims are under $1000. I put in one very early on for over $1500 as my second guests put a cigarette burn hole in my brand-new sofa. How many others of you have had significant damage?

How to avoid those situations? Don’t be an absentee landlord.

Most of those problems I see happening to people who are not following the original “homestay” concept of AirBnb, but rather those “commercial” hosts who have multiple listings in multiple places, don’t live near any of their properties, and are too cheap to install security devices.


Or people who are going on vacation and think that Airbnb gives them a way to make a fast buck by renting out their entire home.


Be there upon arrival, and do a proper check-in collecting all their data and checking their ID.

That is the only way.
Security camera’s and other stuff do not help, if they want to trash your place a camera will not stop them.
Try to go to the police with just a picture, and tell them this guy trashed the place, they will just laugh at you, when you are unable to present them with a name and ID number.

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