Facebook and Instagram Link


I have a Facebook and Instagram page for my property that is listed in Airbnb and other platforms.
I want to know how I can add these links in my listing on Airbnb
If that is even possible and if not why ?


No you cant - Airbnb do not want to give a host any opportunity to book off site.
If you do try - your listing could be suspended / closed.


Obviously Airbnb would not want hosts using the site to take direct bookings, cutting Airbnb out of their service fees.

Check out my listing “Lakefront Mountain Suite” One of the pictures I amended with the names of the Instagram account and the Facebook account. I’ve had that photo there for years. I also have in my description at the very end that “we are on Insta as Lakefrontmountain.” That, too, has been there a very long time.

They are not links, but type, so it requires the guest to understand what they are looking at.

If you want people to check out your listing, you need to give the URL here, not just the name. How would other posters here who aren’t aware of where you are located find your listing? I have no idea if you are somewhere in Australia, or in Alberta and even with the location, scrolling through all the listings there to find yours isn’t something people are likely to want to do.

Why do you think Airbnb would you allow you to include links to platforms where guests could book directly? @MML123

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Well yeah makes sense. Just wanted to see if someone had worked around this

I’ve shared an idea here Airbnb Guidebook - #22 by Sergii
Though the community thinks airbnb will penalize for that.

I doubt it’s technically/algorithmically easy to detect. Unless some human moderation team reads all message logs.
But since none gonna risk it doesn’t make sense to implement it.

??? Airbnb’s algorithm blocks all links in listing info and messages to guests pre-confirmation of booking. No one needs to manually review communications and listings to detect a link.

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plz check my example and find the link there

Again, I can put my guidebook (I have a version that incorporates the Airbnb guidebook but I’ve added some insertions that don’t fit into their format) on my website and then send that link to the guest via a text to their phone number.

I suspect that many Hosts find the Airbnb guidebook, as is, to be fine for their uses. That is included in the app with their reservation. Or they can view it online by going to the listing.

So I’m trying to understand the value that you’re offering.

Ok, I see what you are suggesting. But what you are suggesting is not allowed and is rather unethical. It’s like guests spelling out their phone number in a message to a host, trying to get the host to rent to them off-platform. Hosts usually flag those messages because we don’t want guests who try to be sneaky. So it would be hypocritical for hosts to turn around and do the same thing.

Personally, I appreciate the buffer of Airbnb between me and a first-time guest. I don’t want an unknown person contacting me privately. Once a guest has stayed and proved themselves to be a responsible, trustworthy guest, they are welcome to directly contact me if they want to come back or pass my info on to family or friends because I can tell they wouldn’t be passing it on to lowlifes who I wouldn’t want to host.


He’s not suggesting that this is purely for the purpose of sharing your guidebook, but directing as yet unconfirmed guests to your private contact information.

Oh, well that’s a no-no.

That’s got to be a violation of Airbnb’s terms of service. If I were Airbnb and I caught a Host doing that I would permanently ban that Host for life and I would look to sue the provider of such technology for tortious interference with contract or whatever might apply.

It’s unethical as well.

As it is, a Host can direct their guest once it’s their guest to their website legally (for future reservations).

So why do something that is most probably illegal and certainly unethical?