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Extras and Fees


I live a five - ten minute minute walk from the nearest shops. I have had a few four stars for location which annoys me as I do state these things in my profile. However, I have wondered about offering to buy a food box in advance for those who may be staying one or two night e.g fruit, ready meal of their choice but then there is the question about how to get payment for it and what would you charge for this extra?

i would also like to have a tick box in addition to the box for cleaning fee for late check out and possibly another box for people to charge for extras they may like to offer. What other boxes would you like to see?

F x

“extra charge for one night stay”

They’ll never add boxes, Fraggles. If they want late check out, ask them to pay for another night. Simple as that. Because that’s what it costs YOU when they stay late. I’ve had a number of guests simply pay for another night if they had a late flight.

I wouldn’t add meal boxes Fraggles. You’ll still get dinged on location even if you offered the 4 Seasons breakfast buffet and Dom champagne. It is what it is. You are a few minutes walk from shops. Make sure it is clearly described in your listing and you will only get guests who are willing to walk that far to eat.

If you have extras you want to charge for, make up a guest document and tell them about it in that. It’s folly to imagine AirB&B changing their entire software system and millions of listings because one host wants to add a few extra charges. Just not going to happen.

I’d be curious to know exactly what is meant by the location rating, whether this is proximity to attractions or the quality of the neighborhood.

It’s all very subjective isn’t it, felixcat? A great location for one guest may not be suitable for another. It SHOULD mean the accuracy in the description of the location but I doubt guests realise that.

Jaquo I agree with that not rate according to how close it is to where you want to go for example. I can’t move my house but you can choose another airbnb close to wherever you are wanting to be close to.

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