Extra Sets Anyone? cutlery, dishes, glassware, remote controls, etc? (Cleaning Related)?

Pretty soon we’ll all have rentals that can be completely auto-washed like those fancy urban public toilets.
With the new line of IKEA waterproof furniture.


Now that so much attention is on getting it from airborne sources and not touching things, they probably aren’t thinking as much about cleaning. I’d be more interested in how many hours since anyone (including the host) had been in the room.

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I think it’s a matter of the odds, rather than surfaces not being particularly dangerous.
A surface would have to
a) be touched by someone who was infected,

b) that person would have had to sneeze, cough into their hand or drag their hand across their mouth or nose, cough or sneeze directly on the surface, or leave their toothbrush or something they’ve had in their mouth on the surface,

c) you would have to touch your hands to your face after touching that surface without thoroughly washing your hands.

So the odds of all those things being true are not great. Of course, someone infected just being in the room would exhale aerosols which could land on the surface, but the amount of the viral load dispersed, unless they had a couching or sneezing fit, is likely not very concentrated on any one surface.

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There’s no way this was caused by touching things. It would be impossible for it to spread as quickly as it did. Only something in the air (or in the water, eek) could this spread this quickly across the globe. It’s befuddling that the WHO delayed the airborne issue as long as it has.


à la “The Fifth Element”

Those that are intelligent enough to ask are intelligent enough to avoid traveling at this time.

I was commenting strictly on the attitudes of guests who aren’t asking JJD about cleaning.

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Oh! I totally missed that! NM - deleting the post.

At least half my guests ask about cleaning, days between bookings.