Extra pillows in the closet - any tricks to let the know if they have been used?

Any clever ways to let me know if extra pillows have been used (so I can clean the pillowcases - or NOT)? I have 2 on the bed and two extra in the closet…

I leave the pillows uncovered in the closet, with extra pillowcases on the same shelf. In general, when people elect to use the extra pillows, they leave them on the bed, but obviously, I can tell if a pillow in the closet is cased.

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Well, you could put them in clear plastic bags sealed with a bit of tape. No guests would return them into that same condition.

But I’d wash them anyway.

I don’t leave extra pillows in the closet anymore. I have 4 pillows on each bed. Don’t think they will need any extra.

I stayed at the Hotel Lucia in Portland OR for a conference and they had a pillow bar!!! I could choose pillows that I liked and not have to sleep with one of those sky-high pillows that hurt my back and neck. The best thing EVER! So I have replicated this in my home. I offer extra pillows, not because people need more, but so that they can select the thickness and density that helps them sleep well. I have had many complements on this small idea from numerous guests.

Anyhow, that is why I have extra pillows in the closet.


Now that is hospitality!

I have six pillows in my guest room, 4 types. I, too, sleep much better if I have the proper pillow.

Washing two extra pillowcases isn’t that big of a deal. Now if it were a blanket off a shelf I would want to know. Maybe you could ask that all used linens be left out/on the bed. But if they don’t leave them out, wash the cases anyway.

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One possible option, which might not be a great one, but fwiw, is -
keep a laundry bag or basket, a large one, but foldable if possible, in the guest room. Tell guests to put used pillows and used anything-else-you-want-them-to-put-in into the laundry basket.

I added a foldable landry basket, not super-large but relatively sizeable, to the room. Its indended use is for guests to put used towels in. But occasionally they add comforters/duvets, and even more occasionally take the bedsheets off the bed and stuff them in. This latter bit really isn’t useful, since there is little doubt the bedsheets have been used.

I’d find some colourful ribbon and tie two pillows together. It looks nice and if the pillows are used, you will know.