Extra information for certain dates

Hallo to my fellow hosts!

I am trying to put a special note onto my profile for the dates of the Commonwealth Games here on the Gold Coast in April 2018.

I want to make sure that guests understand that in this particular time I only can accept guests who book for the whole duration of the games, 3.4.18 to 15.4.18.

I can not find a way to put that on my profile as information for future guests, I want to avoid any confusion and I really don’t like to decline.

As most of the “usual” accommodations are already booked out I can see that lots of new guests will use “airbnb” for the first time.

Any suggestion of how to mention that on my profile will be very appreciated!
Thank you! Susanne

You dont need to add a note on your profile. Just change the specific dates so the booking requirement meets your needs. You can manage it in your calendar by clicking the specific dates. You do need to be on a PC to be able to access the feature.


It’s in availability settings in the top of your dashboard (when you’re on your calendar). And yes this is a screen shot from my phone but it’s the desktop version not the app on my screen.

It’s better to change the booking requirements here than add a note that guests won’t read, especially if you’re on instant book it could be disastrous.


thank you Zandra!

worked like a charm :slight_smile:


PS You can do this from the app. From your calendar page, click on the little settings icon in the upper right hand corner. Minimum and maximum stay settings will be in the bottom, and you can add your specific date requirements there. :slight_smile:

Oh cool. Makes no difference to me as I access both on my phone, but good for everyone else to know! Personally I prefer to make calendar changes on the desktop version as it seems less glitchy.

I prefer to do it from a desktop as well, but I have had the odd booking come in while I was out that made me immediately want to adjust something for the remaining open dates.