Extra guests refusing to pay

Hi. We are renting one appartment 8 places. We have 25 dollars extra price per person per night. We have a family 2 adults and 3 children that booked the week for 5 persons but every day they get visitors that stay for sleeping. We asked them to pay the extra persons fees but they are refusing. If we do resolution center clients has 3 days to reply. Can we get air bnb to be involved quicker? Thanks in advance

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You can put it in the rules that they have to book the correct # of guests, and that they cannot have people that are not on the reservation over. If the rules are broken you can cancel the reservation without penalty. Airbnb will back you up. That’s how I so ithat and have never had a problem


I’m having this problem too. Two booked, three are here, and they won’t pay the fee because the third person is allegedly sleeping elsewhere one night. (My house rules say only booked guests on the premises.) I told my guests to call AirBnB but they allegedly don’t have a phone in the USA.
Then what do I hear ringing and vibrating? I think these guests are skilled cons and play dumb to try and get free things.

Keep us posted on how your case goes.

You don’t have to add to your rules guests must book the correct party size, as this is an airbnb rule anyhow.

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I am going through this at the moment. I went to the resolution centre and the 72 hours has passed. It is now in the hands of airbnb

I think you should call Airbnb and tell them what is going on. And also document it via the messaging system. But I’ve not had to deal with this, so can’t say exactly.


Is this a separate apartment they are renting? How do you see the extra people coming?

You really need to get on the phone with Airbnb. Hopefully Airbnb pays you and kicks the guests out.

I don’t understand exactly how they are refusing to pay. If my guests told me they are not going to pay me for the total guests then I would kick them out whether or not Airbnb was involved.


Kick them out. They are breaking your house rules for bringing guests that are not on the reservation.

So your guests booked for 2, but really 3 people are staying. And because guest 3 just happens to be staying somewhere else for only one of the nights…they are telling you that they won’t pay you??

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Call the police and have them evicted.

This is what Airbnb told me when i had 12 people instead of 8 approaching the house: you have 2 options, first to cancell their reservation, and they will never check in, and you will get to keep the money and will be able to rent it again, or you can let them in and then take it through resolution center. I choose the 1st option. Their reservation was cancelled.
In you situation i am pretty sure they will tell you to go through resolution center. Do you have at least one message via text or Air site that shows they acknowledged presence of extra person and refused to pay. That would be the case winner. Unless you want to cancel which you have a right to do based on a fact that they brought extra people
Thats why its very important to communicate through their messaging system to have proof.
You can try to kick them out and make a hell out of their vacation like calling a police if they refuse, but legally they are your guests until reservation is cancelled by Air


Legally only the persons that booked are the guests, you can call the police to get the extra non paying person

This happened to us recently. Guest booked for 6 and didn’t realize it was a private room booking and we live at the house. So she brought 2 extra guests. She said her parents were a last minute addition to the trip but she clearly knew they were joining in before they arrived and didn’t want to say anything. I communicated with this guest through the AirBnB message center and ‘respectfully requested’ the 2 additional guests were accounted for in the booking and to pay the extra. The guest said no problem, sorry for the extras. I was the one to modify the reservation to add the 2 additional guests and the guest did accept the change. Thankfully that resolved itself without any further issue.
BUT the following weeks’ guests tried the same thing. This time it was 3 extra guests and 2 dogs! I called Air to cancel the reservation and Air said to have the guests call to cancel bc it was their issue to have not read the listing correctly. If I had been the one to cancel I would have had to fight the cancellation charges/fees. The guests did end up cancelling their own reservations and I was not charged any fee. But you do need to do something to hold the guests accountable. Definitely send a message to the guest on the Air system to acknowledge and document the additional guests then send a modification of the reservation. If there is not a response then call Air tell them the situation!


^^^ Excellent advise, a very clean low-maintenance approach.

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Were you still paid for the booking?

Yes we were still paid. The guests were in clear violation of many rules (not to mention confused!) and it was all documented in the message center. Air was actually really great and very responsive including follow up emails and phone calls.


So glad to hear that, @Langcoeur! Many people have negative stories of Airbnb’s service, but so far, they have been great to me. I did have to fight a bit in one instance, but they did come through. I hope you enjoyed the paid time off!

Langco -

When Air said for the guest to call and cancel, so that you didn’t face any fees…did Air say what they were going to do if the guest didn’t call? That just seems wrong to ask a guest to call. They should handle it right then and there.

Yana - when Air said you could cancel on guest and still keep money…is this something that you must do over the phone and the rep. does it for you? Or do they make you go into reservation and cancel, and then you can select an option that won’t penalize you?

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This was our first time calling in the cavalry and we were pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed the next time will go as well. And thank you we did! :slight_smile:

When things are approached pleasantly and backed by fairness, usually reason will prevail.

They did all of it over the phone within minutes

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I don’t recall if we spoke regarding a next step should the guest not be compliant with the request to cancel themselves. In this case I don’t feel it was wrong to ask the guest to be the one to execute the cancellation.