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Extra guests, No extra furniture!


The guests booked for eighteen days and had wonderful reviews. They said they were moving to Qld and had to leave their old flat early as the lease had expired and they were still working and therefore required transitional accomodation. I specifically asked if they wanted to store their furniture (as the flat is on the second floor and I was concerned about damage, they said no that it had already been sent to Qld and they would only bring clothes etc. I met them on arrival and they said they only had a suitcase each. On the morning of departure I drove my son to the station and upon returning home they had their large four wheel drive in my driveway, so I parked out on the street. They were loading their vehicle up with furniture, heaters, vacuums etc. Initially i thought they were stealing my furniture but soon realised it was theirs, they said they never sent all their stuff on the moving van, I was not happy but stated that as long as no damage was done I was not concerned. I said goodbye and proceeded to go about my business and went to check on the mail shortly thereafter. Imagine my surprise when i saw broken furniture outside my house and my neighbour told me the people in the four wheel drive had left it there. Extremely rude considering I had been very nice even though they had taken over my driveway and stored furniture in my place without asking. There was no other damage done and otherwise they were ok guests. You can never guess/presume what a guest will do, they constantly surprise me. I’m very glad I live on the premises as I cant imagine what would happen otherwise!


Thumbs down. Big no no. Sorry this has happened. Dishonest, inconsiderate guests.

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