Extra guests how to calculate extra fee

We are new and this is our first enquiry…we have two Queen beds for total 4 guests…they want to bring an air mattress with a total of 6-7 guests…what’s the standard based on $200 per night? Is $50 per extra guest too much?


I replied that I didn’t think they would be comfortable as the space is set up for 4 not 7…dining table and seating too small etc…but IF you still want to come it will be $50/person extra…NO RESPONSE…maybe this is typical but I was thinking a yes or no reply would come…i didn’t decline anything as this was an enquiry not a request to book so I hope that’s OK.

Also talked to my friend who also is an airbnb host in town (pop 4,000)…she said the same person tried the same thing with her and she just says NO to any requests above her 4 person max

I answered this on another thread but now I have more context. I don’t like groups who look for a new host then try to stuff 7 people in a place set up for 4. 7 people one bathroom? No. At least $50 per person. If this is for a high season booking just say no. If it’s for now in dead of winter, $350 for 7 is still a bargain.


This is for mid July…and yes first enquiry had to be complicated…ladies weekend they’re just 45 minutes from my home…how do I check her out? Can I see her reviews?

Will I be penalized for saying no?

I wouldn’t recommend it as “no good deed goes unpunished.” We have the same set-up and I’ve frequently told people that it doesn’t look like we are a good fit and perhaps they should consider a whole house listing. Think about the experience you want your guests to have. You set up a space and prepped for 4, including supplies. Our house rules say a max of 4, and it seems yours does too so why would you want to break them from the get-go? It’s an inquiry because the platform won’t allow them to book above the max. You don’t have to do anything other than to respond to the communication. I would highly recommend you read the other threads about what’s the difference between an inquiry and a booking.


You should be able to see her review under “Profile.”

In general, yes. Airbnb wants you to turn lookers into bookers. Don’t hit decline just tell her the space isn’t suited to 6 or 7. Then change your settings to 4 max.

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Extra guest fee is up to you, however, it would be best to build it in to your listing so they can just book. I personally would not want a booking for 7 in a unit for 4. I worry about poor reviews because the place is not a good fit and excessive wear and tear.


Thanks everyone…my rates are lower now and my one night min I plan to change to 2 so probably letting them book a Saturday in the high season at my present reduced rate is not the best idea especially as a long standing local music festival starts that night…i would likely be better holding out for a two day booking for that weekend …her reviews go back to 2011 and all 9 are positive so it’s tempting to get $350 for a night vs $450 for a two night weekend when I up my rates…being new you just so want to accept that first request :thinking:

Thank you KKC…IF I did want to book her and charge the $50pp extra how do you do that? I’m concerned if I add a category of extra people at $50 it will clear the path for anyone to auto book 6/8 people in the future without having to ask permission to do so…or do I use the special offer?

You can send a special offer - just fill in the total with the normal rate + extra people charges.

However, count me as one more experienced host in the “don’t accept” camp. People that push you to take more than your stated maximum are likely to be a pain in other ways. That’s almost 2x your occupancy! Now they know every boundary you have is negotiable.


Another consideration - do you have a business license? In our community we had to specify our max when applying for the license. This is an easy out that places the blame elsewhere and can’t be argued with.


Sorry, but take the $$$ signs of your eyes. You will be providing a terrible experience in a cramped space (unless of course your place is bigger than 2 Queen beds). Your place might look like a party pad afterwards …

Better, block the time around for the festival to gain some insight and hands on experience and the open those days or set a longer day minimum for the whole week.


I would pass. I had an inquiry for over my max, took it (had to change my settings briefly to allow a change to max capacity) and then, wouldn’t you know it, review claimed it was “difficult to all get ready with only one bathroom to share.” Well, I told you that, but you pleaded and said it would be fine. Guess I was right, but still at my own expense come review time.


Exactly what I’m afraid of…thank you :blush:

Can you vary your minimum stay requirements? I would love to allow 1 day min for say the next 3 months then switch to two day minimum…i didn’t think that was possible so for now I’ve switched to only booking 3 months out. Which brings up the issue of what the price will be as those days become available…so much to learn :exploding_head:

Review your settings under ‘Availability’. Options vary, but you should see an option to set different min length for different weeks, months or specific dates.
I set a 7 day min for Easter. If I get no takers, I can reduce it to less days.

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But who is to say that they would even agree to pay the extra $150 to put 3 people on their own air mattress? My guess is that they were hoping to bring them for NO extra charge.

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Only if they levitate, and use no utilities!


The problem is everything is set up for 4 so almost doubling that at 7 people, would mean lots of extra things required…and as many mentioned here after 7 women fight over one bathroom to prepare for a night on the town I could get a crap review…she hasn’t responded to me at all so I’m assuming my extra $150 put her off which is good news,…one week in two inquiries both wanted to bring extra people although one was just for dinner

The best answer is to say no. The listing is for 4 persons max.



I’ve had people show up with more than my maximum and no inquiry or notice. Bye bye!

I don’t want the wear and tear and don’t allow parties. Seven adults out on the town is a defacto party. They would need a couple cars which I don’t have room to park. The towels and supplies would double too.

My base rate is for two guests and $20 each per night for the third and fourth guests and that’s the maximum (2 rooms, 2 double beds). You can easily arrange that in the listing app. Now you could make the extra guest fee really high and that might send them elsewhere.

Given the good chances of housing seven drunks, I would just say no.