Extra guest fees/limits

Hi all,

You have all been very helpful in my Airbnb adventure, and so far it has been a wonderful experience! I had a potential guest message me about bringing an extra guest (which I am ok with, for an extra guest fee). I was wondering if there is a way to cap the amount of extra people guests can bring? And, if I add this will my listing still only show up for people searching for the listed amount of guests (my house is listed for 6, but could probably do 8)?


You could set your maximum to 8, then you would need to be clear about the beds and rooms on offer. I would stick to smaller numbers as you don’t want stag parties etc… You don’t have to accept any extra guests you don’t want. Make it clear in your rules that only registered guests are allowed on the property. Also set a rule for no parties and events.

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You can cap the total number at 8 as the setting for maximum number of guests. Then in pricing set the listing price for 6 people with extra over 6 at your nightly extras rate. As suggested be clear what beds extra people are getting. And something like “comfortably sleeps 6 but up to 2 extra guests can be accommodated on fold out sofa/mattress/pull out for $XXX pppn”.