Extra guest charged recovered after 15 months

I was spelunking through Airbnb’s list of my transactions, etc, and came across a $35 extra guest charge I sent to someone last August that had not been paid. The woman had an extra guest, messaged me to let me know, agreed in the message to the extra charge, and…never paid the notice I sent her.

Realistically, I should have caught it a long time ago, but for giggles I sent it to Airbnb to ask them to resolve it. I figured they’d throw it back at me since virtually all businesses do not add charges to a credit card after three months.

Surprisingly, the next day, it was paid. So, to my surprise, they actually came though on this one. I mention it in case anyone else has some aged A/R clogging up the balance sheets. (I suspect it went so quickly because the message thread with the guest clearly showed her agreeing to the charge.)