Extra guest allowed?

I have a guest coming from Colombia and she asked for her friend to stay two nights. In a previous similar situation i let it happen and just suggested the person leave something for the cleaning person. Of course the person took advantage and left nothing. So, for this current guest I did not want to rebook and add $15 per night - I guess this is possible to change the booking, I;ve never done it. Is there any problem with allowing a guest that is not listed legally? I know I shouldn’t ask for the extra in cash because that is going outside of Air B and B. Thanks for any suggestions.

Click on ‘change reservation’ and make a person and price adjustment. Once you submit the change request, your guest will be notified. Make sure they accept the change before they stay the first night! You don’t want to be in a situation where they have now stayed and not paid.

The extra guests do not have to have a profile with AirBnB I believe. You may just see the name of the person who made the reservation and that the number of guests is 2.

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Assuming you have an additional person charge on your listing. Go into the booking, hit the change button and add the extra person for two nights.

Contact your guest and let them know they have been added to the booking and that they need to accept this change. Remind them this must be done before they arrive .

Its fine to let this person in (as long as your guest has clicked the accept button) as they will now be part of the booking.