External Key Safe

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone ever bought one of those external key safes. On one off situations when I wont be able to open for people I would like to have an external key safe with a key code combination for guests to use to get the keys upon arrival. If anyone has one of these please suggest me with a link or a brand that I can buy one from


I bought this

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Thanks @sylvainbg

I came along the item in copy, however I am a bit paranoid on security and was wondering if there is one with more combinations than 4 barrel lock. nonetheless thanks for the link!

Why not look at an electronic one then?

electronic is also a possibility… Looking for something which is not an eyesore and as stealth as possible

Just look on Amazon or EBay there are loads

Thanks @Helsi

Was wondering if anyone has something like what I am looking for with proper feedback and not amazon feedback


Was looking at this recently, its a new product http://lockbox.igloohome.co/?mc_cid=1ec8fa9254&mc_eid=c2e88e5fea#preorder

That looks pretty useful. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be ordering one and placing my old-school lockbox in a hidden area as an emergency back up.

Master lock key safe - this is the one I use and love it. It is very easy to use and reset.

Not really a “new product”. Would be great if it was. That is a “pre-order”. It is not actually currently available and may never actually be available. And if it is actually ever available it may not actually work, reliably, as “designed”.

that looks way too plastic-y to be secure.

because you guys actually have the experience in hosting… Amazon and ebay comments could lead you off track that’s all…