Extenuating circumstances "serious illness"

So extenuating circumstances states “serious illness”. I’m guessing a hangover and a doctors certificate and Airbnb will happily refund your payment to a guest correct?
Anybody had guests use this?

It probably depends how far out the booking is. I just had someone tell me their husband couldn’t make the date they had booked 2,5 months out. I have Strict so could have done them but suggested they cancel and I would refund or rebook. They rebooked and saved $30. A lot of advice is about how you feel personally.

Cancelled for tomorrow now. I’m reasonable as well but I’m not going to take " I’m sick "
In a message and just take their word for it. I’m just wondering what constitutes a serious illness

I believe they have to have a doctor’s note saying that they are unfit to travel. I’m sure some doctors would in fact write this letter however because they’re signing their name to it I don’t see that many would be open to effectively lying if it was just a hangover

“Dear Airbnb Host; please excuse Billy Guest from his booking. He had ten too many last night and can’t find his backside with both hands.” --Billy’s Mum.


You obviously dont know the Australian general practitioner system well.

Well… that’s probably because I am not in Australia…

@KenH - yep, my new favorite post. Hahaha!!! :joy::rofl:

“Dear Guest I have just received an unexpected bill so is it alright if I put your price up for your trip starting tomorrow?” To me wanting a refund with no chance of a replacement booking so they are not out of pocket is the same as them asking me for money for an unexpected life event. Sometimes I cave but I want more than “I’m sick”.