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Extension Request Part 2

My guest who was to check out today asked to stay until tomorrow but after the reservation check out time. I could not extend the reservation on airbnb. I chose the request money option on airbnb, but they said they haven’t gotten any such request. Ive also asked that they make a new reservation, but haven’t. Sigh. Nothing else I can do right?

ADDENDUM: I was able to connect up with the guest in person, issues resolved! I would delete this thread, but the platform isn’t allowing it.

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While I realize the OPs issue is solved, I myself wouldn’t bother faffing around with Airbnb for an extension. If the guest had been there long enough for me to trust them and be open to them extending, I’d just do a cash transaction.

Once their Airbnb booking has come to an end, what I arrange with guests is between me and them.


We do extensions always cash!
The guest pays less, we make more, and both are happy.


Agreed one hundred percent. Tax free cash. :slight_smile:

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