Extending an airbnb stay; Irish immigration require lease agreement

A guest from NZ, A Russian National, originally booked via airbnb for a short time until he got something more permanent.
He now wants to stay longer. I’m OK with this.
He requires evidence of lease agreement, for Irish immigration service purposes. Do you think its OK if I say we agree the airbnb general conditions?

Sounds like he wants (or maybe needs) something a bit more specific than a link to Airbnb’s general terms, especially if it’s for immigration purposes.

Personally, I’d be wary about providing ANY additional documentation for an Airbnb booking that’ll be used for an official purpose.

If you’re extending outside of Airbnb, and have a standard rental agreement, then it shouldn’t be an issue as you’d be providing a hard copy of that anyway. If you are doing this, bear in mind that the guest might agree, sign the lease and as soon as they’ve sorted themselves out with the INIS decide they got what they wanted from you and promptly bugger off. I’d look for full payment for the term up front at the very minimum.

Maybe you want to have a poke around here:




I think your advice is good, thank you. Already plans are getting changed! Messer!


What’s the purpose of his stay @JohnMoriarty

Be careful not only as @JohnF says about providing him with documentation for immigration purposes…

But giving tenancy rights during the rise of Covid is likely to mean if he decides not to pay, you might not have the right to evict.


He needs a Long Term Rental Lease Agreement for legal reasons. Up to you if you want to do that - and do it outside of Air as a real LTR lease -

THIS. Get a real rental deposit and 1 month up front and say here ya go.

Don’t do it inside of Air.

Thanks for the insights. There are more risks from tenants than catching any disease :slight_smile: Best Regards