Exploding Washers

Consumer Reports has just announced that Samsung Top Load machines can blow up when washing bedding and using the high spin speed! Thought this might be of interest on this board since we all do a lot of laundry, and I expect we all use the high spin speed so our dryers don’t have to work too hard.

Oddly, I am off this morning to buy a Samsung TV for my AirBNB space. Great price at the Costco located about an hour north of here. I do love open boxes!


Here is my Amazon review of my so hated Samsung washer. Did I say I hated it? Loathe it. Despise it.

This review is from: Samsung WA400PJHDWR 4.0 cu. ft Large Capacity Top Load Washer
Worst washer I’ve ever owned. Nothing will get the clothes clean. Constant debris visible on dark clothes. Whites come out with stains on them. Cust svc said to stop using the “normal” cycle, cus that is designed only for 2-3 tee shirts, not a regular load. She said to use Heavy Duty. Well, even with Heavy Duty and my adding a gallon of water from the kitchen sink, I still had problems. So I’ve switched to Bedding which puts more water in the tub. Gaaakk - still have debris. Yesterday, cotton queen mattress pad on Bedding setting (nothing else in washer), cold water, low spin, medium soil, and extra rinse - 85 mins - had to rewash it again due to debris streaked across parts of the pad… Today, 3 tee shirts, 3 mens shorts, 1 ladies shorts, 1 pr black socks. Heavy Duty, added one extra gallon of water, cold, med spin, med soil, extra rinse, 85 min. Debris all over my black tee shirt and husband’s dark gray tee shirt. I’ve written the Office of the President and enclosed sequential pics of items never moving from the top of the wash pile thru 68 min of the cycle. No response yet. If I hadn’t paid $1000 for this set in Nov '12, I’d dump this washer. What am I gonna do?