Expiring Airbnb credit, but nowhere to go. Ideas?

Hi Folks,

Airbnb issued me with a credit of ₹7,248 (that symbol is the Indian Rupee), and it expires on14th October 2018. Since the Indian Rupee fell off a cliff recently, this is now worth almost exactly USD 100 (in case anyone is wondering).

But I don’t really have anywhere to go - no time, no need, no inclination. Though I would probably not turn down an all-expenses paid trip to Western Europe in the (unlikely) event I could make suitable domestic arrangements.

So, do I have any option, other than letting the credit expire? I’ve noticed that Airbnb doesn’t seem to stop me trying to book my own place (though I’ve not tried it), so I’m somewhat tempted to book my own place to myself. But I suspect that if I did so, it would end badly. Any other ideas?

You would have to review yourself!
How about spending the credit on an experience or spa day? Ayurvedic massage?

Hi @Jess1,

I’d be sure to give myself a glowing review. I’m now visualising myself singing “I Believe in You” to myself in a mirror. But seriously, is there any actual technical impediment to booking ones own listing?

Is that an option? I thought it was for travel.

You could probably book one night in a spa which includes a massage.
Have you tried booking your own place, I’m not sure it’s possible.

Hi @Jess1

I’ve tried getting massages here. Nobody has a clue about how to do it.

No, I’ve not actually tried it. It’s hard to imagine Airbnb hasn’t considered the possibility, but you never know.

Well try booking it! I don’t think it’s possible.
I find it hard to believe there’s no good massage, people travel to India for it!

They do? That seems like an odd thing to go to India for.

Why? Lots of Indian things are admired in the west, Ayerveda, Yoga, architecture, food …

Fair enough. But all I can say is that based on the empirical method of direct experimentation, masseurs in India don’t have a clue, and generally suck. And you’d think that if there were people who were good at it, one could find them in a city as big as this.

Yes, I have had Indian head massage and that was very good.

Have a friend or family member book your home and give them the voucher. Don’t let it go to waste. In addition, your friend will give you an awesome review.

Hmm. I’m a bit short on friends and family. And, in any case, the “voucher” isn’t transferable, is it?

There’s no way to “save” a voucher that I know of – use it, or lose it. Not sure you can book your own place.

No Air listing nearby you could stay at – across the city, next town over?? With few friends or family it’s even more important that you take time to yourself!

It’s ALWAYS good to see what others do with the spaces they have – inspiration for your own listing. That’s one of the reasons I firmly believe that host wannabes should have at least a dozen stays as a Guest before they can become a Host.


Why don’t you look up some interesting experiences in your city and offer these to your next guests at a discount using the voucher and then they can reimburse you in cash.
Does anybody know if the voucher can be used in parts?

There is a road trip I’ve often wondered about. Mumbai to Alappuzha. Over a thousand miles I think? To me, it seems that Alappuzha is a sort of Fort Lauderdale but with Indian food. Which sounds fantastic. It’s probably nothing like as good as I imagine. That’s what I’d do if I lived in Mumbai.

Excuse me - just having a little off-topic fantasy journey…


Good idea - book your own place!

Have you tried asking Airbnb CS whether they will extend it?

Though you’d probably have the same problemafter another 3 months …

You can’t. I booked a place for around $90 and that’s it for my $100 voucher. In past years I had a booking over $100 but not this year.

I can’t believe they would permit that. I hope @Faheem will attempt it and report back to us.

It also can’t be transferred. Most of the ways I can think of to make use of it are so torturous that they aren’t worthwhile. It makes me so sad to think there isn’t one place that Faheem would like to go so it could be used.