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Hi all! I’d love to hear from any of you who are doing these, how it’s going for you, what type of experience you’re offering in your area. I’m thinking of adding this to my mix particularly with hiking tours in the national parks as it’s a passion of mine. Have you found Experiences worth doing?

I haven’t booked an experience, but one of my guests did. It was a hike to The Hollywood Sign. He had a great time.

I think most of people here are Hosts, Experiences are a very different market.

I would offer an Experience, but Air has not seen fit to allow hosts in less than mega-cities to create and provide Experiences…

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Me, too!

I’ve just tried to create an Experience and as Ken said, Airbnb haven’t started it here either - a very big tourist area!

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Its not available yet where i live but it would be fun to offer, we are not allowed to be tourist guide without a licence. But maybe i could offer> how to make bread, how to make garden cement statues, pouring paint art classes. I guess the most important is that they have a good time and learn a little within a couple of hours. I could have up to 12 guest with my 6 rooms so it could be a some extra income.
I just adjusted to exact location in Airbnb, but realized now that it dont work where i live.

It will be rolled out to all eventually. They are starting it slowly and working out any bugs. In the meantime, plan what you’ll do and how you’ll do it so you’ll be ready for when it comes to your area. It’s projected to be more lucrative than hosting. One guy in Seattle area is bringing in $300,000 a year for hiking with wolves.

I’m pretty sure this is an established not for profit wolf sanctuary, not just an individual host. All the proceeds go to the wolf preserve.