Experienced Co-Host in LA - Guest Services, Listing Mgmt, Property Maintenance

Hello All,

I’m an experienced Airbnb co-host seeking to expand my list of clientele/properties in Los Angeles. I provide short term rental property care solutions on various listing platforms but specialize in Airbnb. Simply put, I take care of everything so your life is easier. So, you can rest your feet on a beautiful beach southeast Asia without a mobile phone signal or internet, and have the peace of mind that everything is fine.

What differentiates me is not just my passion and committment but my fitting skillset and talents due to my upbringing. I grew up working with people and properties, doing construction and residential renovations for my dad since my mid-teen years, I’m almost 30 today. During that time, exposure to difficult situations, experience acquired and diverse education (AA in Architectural Design & Drafting AND B.S. in Accounting) has developed me into a well-rounded professional. My collegiate career spans a bit longer than expected, almost 9 years.

I’m great at serving guests and delivering a 5 star experiences every time, whether I’m dealing with nice and pleasant or careless and difficult guests. I’ve turned unhappy guests into satisfied guests writing 5 star reviews many times. I earn 5 star reviews about 80-90% of the time (hard to quantify but generally, if a guest writes a review, it’s a 5 stars review).

I’m very detail oriented with the ability to study guest’s interaction with properties, learn from it and anticipate and prevent problems and difficult situations. This comes in handy when you’re dealing with 7-10 bookings per month. I consistently find solutions to my client’s (hosts) and guest’s problems. My core competency is creative problem solving and customer service. I also take care of minor fixes around the house and maintain functionality of amenities.

Relevant skills and experience that allow me to be great at what I do:

  • Leadership & Management - managing a crew of handymen, landscapers, electricians, painters, drywallers, tilers, etc,
    -Communication and Coordination
    -Customer Service
    -Creative Problem Solving
    -Handyman Service
    -Time Management, Prioritization and Punctuality
    ***Passion and willingness to go the extra mile

Sorry if this is too long. Like I said, I’m passionate about what I do!

Please contact me at HaikS14@gmail.com if interested in discussion or if you have any questions at all.

Thank you for reading my post!!:smiley:

Hey Haik, I’m a co-host in Los Angeles too. High five !

Hey Ana! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I just checked out your site, I think I might join to see what it’s like. From what you know, what’s the demand like for co-hosts in Los Angeles?