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Expedia's relocation department just called me...what a joke!

It’s after midnight and my cell rings and I think it is the current guests (haha Felix) - but I see the area code is coming from Arizona. Then I think my aunt who I haven’t spoken to in years is calling for some reason to tell me about a family emergency. I answer the phone and it’s someone asking if I have a room available for tonight.

I asked “are you calling about the cabin or are you trying to reach a hotel” - He said “either one…do you have a room or cabin available tonight.” I said it is not available and asked if I could guide him to some places. That’s when he said it was Expedia’s relocation dept. Well I am listed on Expedia so obviously this guy is going through the properties on there first. I told him he most likely isn’t going to find a vacation rental owner who is going to answer the phone and get him in - so his best bet is to use google and search for a hotel. I mentioned the hotel in my area and he said that is how he found me. That is bullshit. He told me the original reservation was at the Best Western hotel in a nearby city (the one I was bitching about that Air was showing instead of me because I don’t have instant book)…lol. Well that hotel is 40 minutes away and I said if the traveler needs to be there then my city is too far. So I rattled off some other smaller cities in between.

I already spoke to the Expedia relocation dept. when I first signed up. And they said if there was a double booking or an emergency at my place, and guest could not get access…then they would try to relocate the guest. They said they would first use Expedia and then if there was no availability then they would look elsewhere. The guy I was speaking to kept saying “all the hotels are booked…there is no availability.” - Well I don’t know what kind of event is going on but I haven’t heard of it. Maybe he should try calling a real hotel.

I cannot believe this guy is trying to relocate people far away instead of just googling nearby places. He kept insisting he was and I know damn well my website does not come up in a hotel search in the nearby city. I sure wish it did though! Those poor people in the hands of Expedia’s policies.

And since Expedia bought Homeaway - I expect HA will adopt the same relocation policy. Tom Hale (HA’s former COO) alluded to the service fee guarantee being similar to booking.com’s. And the person who cancelled (regardless if your rental exploded) is supposed to pay the difference in cost of accommodation if cost to relocate is higher. Boy it sure would have been nice to get a last minute booking but no opening. I will try to make sure the cabin is always ready though…and watch for that Arizona phone number :slight_smile:

Those guests would have hit the jackpot if the Best Western had to pay for them to stay at my rental compared to their hotel room.

I unlisted mine with the Boking.com and Expedia. Too much stress with their card processing system.Their system with relocation getting very much abused by frequent travelers.
I had an incident in Februaru when the a British couple booked me for 2 nights. Mind you, i was always the cheapest rate, even cheapest that disgusting motel 6.
He booked me when he was boarding, and despite instructions say to be sure he gives time of arrival and is given access code, he of course ignored it.
He shows up at the door, when i was not home. though i wrote to him all instructions as soon as i got reservation. It was recorded on our correspondence.
He shows up without functioning phone of course, and has no idea how to enter. SO, he goes to my neighbor and starts bitching about me and whats the hell is it, i thought it was hotel and its someone’s house.
When he gets me on a phone he keeps on bitching that its just a house, not a hotel. I am getting pissed, and ask him, if he can read that its a private house with only 2 rooms.
He asks me about internet, i said , its in a room on a nightstand. Then he calls me 2 hours later, and complains again that he inputs password and it doesnt work, and he has some work to do on a computer.
And all in avery nsty voice, yelling at me. So, i ask him if he wants to leave. His voice changes, and he said, so, you are asking me to leave? I said, well, you obviously not happy with anything and how do you think you are going to stay in my house with this attitude if you are going to see us for 2 days?
So, he says in an absolutely normal voice, ok, then , we will go to hotel.
He leaves and 3 hours later i get a phone from booking.com, that they have to relocate him to Holliday in at 300$ per night, and i need to pay . I said, o, no, this will NEVER happen. I explain to them, that the guy is obviously did it on purpose. He books the cheapest room on line and then finds something wrong with it and makes a conflict so he gets kicked out. ANd then you relocate him???

Booking.com guy asked me if i kicked him out. I said, no, but i asked him if he wants to leave, and i offered him a refund. SO, the guy puts me on hold and talks to Brittish person. Then comes back to me and laughs, saying that he is sure that guy did it on purpose.

So, they dont pay him, and the stupid person ended up paying 300$ a day for a hotel.
I think he did this trick before many times, and succesfully, because he was outraged when booking.com refused to cover his cost.

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