Expedia, how to list with them

Hi, I saw that Expedia as not only hotel.

Do you know how is it possible to list with them?

Please check out


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Send me a PM and I will give you the information to contact my Expedia account manager.

How is Expedia? Must one have a channel manager with expedia or can calendars be synced?

You know…I don’t even use them now. They still send me info and I believe I have an open account. But it just got to be too much with instant book on multiple sites. And they also have a similar relocation policy to booking .com.

No channel manager was required when I signed up, but in order to use the site you’d probably need one that syncs quite quickly…like within a few minutes, and not hours.

If you list on HomeAway and have instant booking, then I believe they list you on Expedia under the “Vacation Rentals” tab.
We’re on Expedia through HomeAway. I believe the Expedia guests are taken to HomeAway to complete the booking process

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