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Expected revenues nearly divided by 2!


Hi all,

I don’t know how I should understand this : in august I have 2 accepted reservations for a total of 510 euros.
Note : 510 = 240 + 270
The first guest is already in my apartment.
But today, Airbnb displays this :

Revenues sent : 0
Expected revenues : 261 euros
Total for august : 261 euros

How is that possible?


Hum, my payment has just arrived via PayPal.

So there is a bug in the Airbnb display : if the payment has not been completed, the amount must not be removed from the expected revenues nor the total revenues! Otherwise it is an amount which is a ghost amount. And it frightens Airbnb hosts!

So yes payments are now done within more than 24 hours but the display does not reflect this new behavior.

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