Expectations, misbehave, lack of intelligence , pretending to be in a fully served holiday resort

Sometimes it seems that those with the highest pretentious expectations behave the worse ! We had 87% good experiences somehow , but recently some not really entertaining ones. Leave away , Americans, Indians, Chinese think , that energy prices are as low as in their countries, leaving windows open an AC’s running full power. Leave away , that the world is not “english” (and I’m happy about that !) , leave away that many have problems to follow rules (do they stop in front of a red street light or discuss ?) , but for example complaining about too many rules, too much informations makes as rethinking to rent out ! In our very humid city (where AC’s are rare a the “blue Mauritius”-stamp ) we had clients running the AC full power despite they started spilling water like a Niagara (damaging walls, doors, parquet ) but complaining in reviews of imperfection. If they rent a car and it is coming smoke out of the engine, do they continue to drive ? Should we make IQ-check before renting ? We had guest from NC putting the AC’s on 17°C but pulling the winter downs from the storage.

We rent our house out as a private room. We have problems with people leaving lights on too, but since we live here I just go behind them and turn them off. We’ve made the washer and dryer off limits because otherwise people will cause our water bill to explode. Maybe leave signs that tell people to turn lights off when not in use? And tell them either verbally or via message to turn them off when not in use.

Devices connected to the wireless in the home are an option to consider. I have a window AC unit in my Airbnb room to supplement the central air of my home. My central air is a so called swamp cooler and it’s not always effective when it gets extremely hot or humid. I want guests to be comfortable but there is no need to run the AC when they aren’t in the room as it’s a small room that cools down quickly. I got a smart plug that I can plug the AC unit into so I can turn it off remotely from another room and not have to enter the room while guests are checked in. I will probably add other “smart” devices as the ones in the room age and need to be replaced.


We don’t live there, but all my written hints are declared “too much” all spoken ones “ as a way to cancel their “freedom”…

Energy costs here (Italia) are 8 times than India/China and 5times as in the US, 2,5 times as GB!!! With a approach of “we paid” nobody gives sh… to this.

Be firm, and let them know that it’s part of your house rules. Other than that, there isn’t really much you can do. In my experience, people of all nationalities and ethnicity do this. They don’t care how much energy they use because it’s not their home and they don’t have to pay the utilities. We’ve had a couple groups who constantly leave the light in the garage on after being told several times not to.

sounds good, but will not functions here…

I know, Ignorant is not a

nationally or a race. Even some tend to do so more than others (US, India) Here they say “ the mother of the stupid is always pregnant “


Where is here? What is the language? I’d love to see that in the native language and if I could master the pronounciation…

I’m still trying to work out what ‘leave away’ means. Is it me being English?

So, when you are pricing your rental, assume that every guest is going to use the power at full blast. That way, you won’t have to stress over it.

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your problem is , that you think to know ! But you don’t ! It is not US “increase the price, that’s it !” The US is among the biggest consumer of electrical energy in the world per person …why ? Because they don’t care . Why ?
It’s a mix of (mostly not mean)ignorance and low prices for electricity.
In Italia for example there is Kilowatt-limit per house, using more than allowed
and you blow the fuses. Now what is clever suggestion ? I’ve one: don’t visit countries which don’t have American conditions !

When people are given too many rules, too many hints, too many things to know, it can be overwhelming.

There is a fine line between having enough rules or information and having so much you cannot possibly honor them all. I think most of us want to do the right thing but when it feels like no matter what we do we are going to fail at meeting all the requirements, we stop trying.

I think a common feeling is, “At the end of the day, if I am going to be in trouble for not following the rules anyway, why would I invest my time & energy in trying to comply. I may as well do what I want and take the fall-out. “

Sometimes less is more. Fewer rules hopefully translates into greater compliance.

It’s the same with all those “smart” advises how to handle it…already my grandpa said 60 years ago “the tongue is the fastest organ on the human body” now it seemed to be the keypad…
What is “too many rules ?” 7 points ? I’d happy if people would use brain, common sense and respect to avoid them, but…if you feel that a red street light demolishes your day, I cannot help you…(not you personal ).
With this comment I leave this blog , because …see first word above…
To give a a picture : The rules and the receiving persons (me+my wife, no others) explain : AC and lights switched off when leaving the house, when doors and windows are open . Called for “not working” espresso-machine (worked perfect ! For espresso (tat is a small fast italian coffee , not American pint-size mugs) I found : AC running, doors open, light switches on and nobody in the house . Even explained them (after realising that people from cheap energy countries dont understand) that here electricity costs 5 times as in the US . And there is a Government-ruled-kiloWatt-limit which blows the fuses when using all appliances in the same time (means increasing prices will not change that ) …obviously words will no change anything ! Not the sweet ones, not the harsh ones .

Please don’t use my explanation as a launching point for your rant against other people who have commented here. I only speak one language: English. I just happen to have experience with non English speakers.

When people take the time to make suggestions based on their extensive experience, just take it or leave it, no need to go on a rant about it. And telling someone

is doing exactly the same thing you accuse Jaquo of.

Perhaps we don’t know which strategies would be best in Italy but I will guarantee this: you cannot control what the guests do you can only control your response. You can’t raise prices, you can’t use smart devices. Maybe you should remove the AC completely. When I traveled in the warm parts of Europe (Italy and south French coast) I either paid more for a room with AC or usually didn’t have AC. Just having a room with a fan was wonderful in Florence.

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often I see the comment about people leaving A/C on while not in the unit. I honestly think for those of us accustomed to whole house heating & air conditioning systems, we are accustomed to leaving it on 24/7. I have a heat pump and the manufacturer says that it is more energy efficient to keep the temperature set at a specific temperature.

The idea is that it uses more energy to cool the entire structure when the walls, floors, furniture etc have heated. These surfaces radiate absorbed heat long after the air cools. (The reverse is true for heating the home).

Most guests are not intentionally being disrespectful; they aren’t accustomed to turning off the A/C when they leave.

@TomTom. Speaking of being disrespectful. My comments about fewer rules not intended to be disrespectful. I personally need to evaluate my notes and abundance of rules. I trim them down then in response to events I start adding them again. Also you commented on your many expectations of guests.

On of the beauties of a thread posting is that no one is making you do anything. You have the choice of using the ideas and suggestions of others

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Said TomTom as he sat back down and continued talking.


When I travelled in the Greek islands I noticed that even 5 star resorts had their AC set up so that if you just opened a window or a door to “let in the fresh sea air” a tiny bit the AC went off. For someone with a single reverse cycle cooler/heater in the guest quarters I could try and set the timer so it is only on from say 6am to 10am and then 5pm to 11pm and take away the controller unit but there will be some really hot days and cold days when that will make them uncomfortable. In the end I decided people are on holiday and some want to be able to get around inside in shorts in Winter and sleep under a duvet/doona/quilt in Summer and that is just a cost I have to budget for. I worked out that even though I suffer “bill shock” when I get the bill and have to pay for it it is about 5% of my total AirBnB revenue which given the high electricity prices in Australia is reasonable.

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So, what are American conditions exactly? Most of my guests are from Europe so I have no idea.

What? Hello? Where did that come from?

TomTom, I’m finding that you’re very bizarre.

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I just had a nasty nasty guest crack me in the review because she didn’t like my requests of turning off the fans when she left the room. They left them all running in defiance. I didn’t say anything or mention it in the review and gave them all five stars. Oh if I could take it back.

Oh an off topic rant… I hate guests who are nice to your face and leave a long laundry list in the review of everything they hated, all of which were disclosed in the listing and which she agreed to at booking.

I usually get one horrific guest per year. Just had her so that should be all.

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