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Exercise equipment



Hi! I have a bedroom that just has an elliptical machine and some random exercise equipment in it right now. I am going to put another bed to accommodate more guests. Should I try to keep the elliptical machine or sell it? Do you think any guests would be interested in having an elliptical machine available or not?

Thanks for the help!


if you sell it, where will they hang their clothes?:laughing:


I think that is a mighty royal elliptical machine that gets its own room!


It’s your house, your equipment. But, the vast majority of guests are not going to want an elliptical and other “random exercise equipment” cluttering up the place where they are staying. That would makes me feel like you’ve put me up in your store room or junk room, not a place where I can feel comfortable and relaxed.


Thank you! I really appreciate the advise!


Sell it. Agree with KenH. It would seem as if you’ve put them in an afterthought room and you’d probably get hammered in the reviews


Well if you have to ask should yo sell it… Seems like maybe its not being used? Ditch it.



In our big guest room we have some exercise equipment; treadmill, dumbbells, etc. Out of 60 or so who have rented this room maybe 3 or 4 used the equipment. So it’s not very popular and not in high demand.


I would never provide exercise equipment in my one bedroom condo but a returnee guest left his own 10 lb. or 15 lb. weight in the closet so he would have it the next time they stayed.

My housecleaner didn’t tell me until their 3rd stay that there was this iron weight left by the guest and it’s hard for her to move. I said, “What?!! Get rid of it - take it down to the dumpster and leave it by the side for someone else who might want it but get it out of the condo.” So she did.

Brother! If he had dropped it and cracked my porcelain tile, it would have been curtains. The nerve!


I agree with Ken on this one!


It is better that you sell it.

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