Exercise equipment as an added amenity

thinking about designating an exercise area in my garage and put up a couple exercise equipment and free weights for my guests to use. Anyone had any issues or troubles with this idea ? Do you think this will up my bookings ? any risk that i don’t see ? please enlighten us.

I would love that. It’s such a struggle to keep up with my routine so I always look for such things when I travel. Sometimes, now and then, I actually use it, ha ha!!

How will this affect your insurance? (are you in the US?).

Will you use it? I would do it, if I were you, if you would also use it. I’m not sure it would be worth the investment, and the upkeep, if not.

Just a few thoughts.

we don’t live in the house.

Sure, why not? Risks could include broken equipment.

Risks could include guests claiming the equipment damaged them (weight fell off the rack and smashed a foot…) This liability issue may increase your insurance


I removed all my exercise equipment and sold it.

Why? This is why:

Anyone asking for a gym should go take a hike… or a swim :wink:

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Hi @foamybalmy,

Speaking as a fairly long time (though irregular) user of gyms, including weight equipment, I’d advise against it. Weight equipment needs to be maintained. And if something goes wrong, say, they get injured, you’d be liable. And weights, particularly free weights, are intrinsically risky things. Like @dcmooney says, it would make more sense if you were using them too. That way, you could keep track of the equipment’s condition.

You could consider making an arrangement with a local gym instead. While this wouldn’t involve zero risk either - they could still hold you responsible - it would be definitely less risk.

Though, overall, I’d say you’re better off staying off this topic altogether…

Oh, and I’d be surprised if it would increase your bookings. But you could poll your guests and see what they think.

We have a full gym set up and almost no one touches it.

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