Excluding kids under 12

Last time I remember (at least I think I do!) was immediately subsequent to me having to clean toddler shit from the bathroom wall, June or thereabouts last year. If I check back our reservation list I could probably narrow it down further.

That was when I upped our minimum age to twelve years old.


You’re right—the reasons don’t show in the rules. So I put them in the description text elsewhere and also said to scroll all the way down and read all the House Rules.

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There are guests who are looking for hosts like this…


These designations were obviously created by childless millenials. No parent I know would ever refer to their 1-2 year old as an “infant” (unless they were trying not to be charged for them). Infants are babes in arms who aren’t yet mobile on their own. A 2 year old can wreak all kinds of mayhem if the parents are slackers or think everything their little darlings do is just fine.


I agree! Infant = a baby burrito that sleeps, eats and poops. Two year old = a tazmanian devil with smeary pbj hands and baby gates required. The diligence for parents and hosts is MUCH different and they should not be in the same category.


But the joke is on them: millenials are all “breeding age” now (age 26-40). Maybe the designations will get changed as they are surely learning more about them now :laughing:

Actually they seem to consider breeding age more like 40 and up these days. People in their mid-30s now act like teenagers. And I see lots of people who are in their 40s or even older with young children- I assume it’s their grandchild, but it turns out to be their own child. And I’ve seen a lot of classified ads from men in their 50s looking for “a woman 25-40 years old who wants to start a family”. It was hard enough chasing toddlers around when I was in my 20s and early 30s, I can’t imagine doing it at 50.
My youngest daughter had been wanting to have a baby for quite a few years, but when she even mentioned to a guy her age (30-35 age bracket), who she was going out with that she definitely wanted to have at least one child, they couldn’t get away fast enough. Luckily she met a really nice man a couple years ago who was 40 and also wanted to be a dad- they just had a baby in Oct, who I get to see for the first time next week!