Exceptional circumstances - insurance cover for stays of longer than 28days

Hello you lovely lot, I’m hoping the hive wisdom can help!

My place is in the highlands of Scotland, I was lucky enough to have a guest make a 3 week work booking from mid Dec to 4 Jan. She was planning to move to her next location for another three weeks on 4th Jan, but Scotland has been put into effective lockdown until 18th Jan, and she has asked me whether she can extend her booking a couple of weeks. I would be delighted for her to do so (and frankly I think it is the wisest thing - there is a small but active minority of our highland communities who can understandably become a bit pitch-forky when they see what they take to be holiday makers moving in during lockdowns) but my holiday home insurance only covers me for stays of up to 28 days.

Why am I asking you lot instead of just ringing my insurers (Schofields)? Because they are on bloody holiday until 4th January, that’s why!!!

I’m not at all concerned about long term tenancy rights (which start in the UK after 30 days) coming into play with this guest, it’s just I cannot risk invalidating my holiday home or public liability insurance.

Obviously I’ll be on the blower to the insurers first thing on 4th, I just wondered whether anyone else has had longer stays during emergencies and if so how you have dealt with the insurance aspect.

Thank you!

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Do you have a LTR clause in your policy, because if so do her a lease with no penalty/notice get out.

I’m thinking the “move out for a night” loophole might be problematic where you are.

You do have the morning of the 4th to sort it, but Schofields are just brokers so is there a possibility of contacting your actual insurer?


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Thanks John! We’re actually OK for that first week of 4-11 Jan - that takes us right up to 28 days - it’s just that both she and I (and probably the place she’ll need to cancel) would like to know asap what her arrangements will have to be.

And I’ve rung the emergency claims person, who says it has to be Schofields to determine the cover…

Knowing STR rates in the UK, I’d be extremely surprised if the additional premium to cover you for increase in days, for a one off, would be overly expensive.

Play the lock down card and chances are they’ll do it FOC.

Claims depts have no input, sales is what you want, with the head insurer.