Example of craziness of price tips

If anyone out there thinks price tips are based on real market research and a comparison algorithm, hopefully this will convince you otherwise. Here are my actual price tips:

March 23rd - I have it blocked, but put in a price of $1,700 per night just in case the block disappears (good advice I got from this forum). When I unblock that night and look at the price tip, it gives me $1,020. That’s a 40% reduction.

March 24th - I have listed at $550 per night. The price tip is $370. That’s a 33% reduction.

It’s pretty obvious the price tips have nothing to do with the rest of the market and they are just suggesting price changes off what you are asking.


I noticed the same thing a few weeks ago. I either posted about it or thought about posting a few days ago. My blocked night was opened up and the $100 price I entered was now a price tip suggestion of $70 a night, almost 2x what I normally get.

Of course not. It’s simply a tool to manipulate hoe owners to reduce prices to AB will have more bookings. Fairly simple. Basically, they hope to conduct the market prices with this tool.

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I have a listing on gran canaria with a base price on 170 EUR. Airbnb suggests as a pricetip, that I lowered it to 21 EUR, even though its the high season…


Did you open it up, or did it happen by itself? Just curious. And $35 seems low for the US.

I unblocked it.

It seems low to me too but that’s competitive for my market. That said most of my nights this month are booked at an average of $46 because I have more people or people traveling with dogs.

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What I noticed the most about mine is not the absolute price but the two suggested prices being very different: $1020 for Friday the 23rd and $370 for the very next day. Clearly not determined by any competitive analysis and only a way to get me to lower prices.

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I saw the price tips run higher than my initial entry a couple of times during peak season. I took them, and yes, I got booked.