Evidence of hidden cameras left by guest

I was deep cleaning our four bedroom Airbnb today and I found packaging of a spy camera keychain and a spy camera pen. Left by a guest, I don’t know how long ago. It was in a built in drawer that I usually keep tools in.

Beats bloodstained sheets and damaged furniture so count yourself lucky? People sometimes do things that seem weird. Guests are people so… weirdness is part of the package. Is there something in particular that bothers you about the finding?

Well with four bedrooms each with different guests and shared bathrooms, I think finding evidence of hidden cameras is fairly bothersome.


Ah, ok. That’s understandable. You’re thinking one guest may have been recording another one in the bathroom or something? Nightmare. I don’t know how you would go about avoiding such a thing. You can hardly put it in the house rules. How worried are you about this?

Personally, if no guest complained about anything and if I didn’t know which guest it was, I’d just move on.

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Yes, but one’s mind could run riot on potential scenarios… The host would not be liable, though, would they?

I would not actually have a ton of concern about these particular devices. They would be very difficult to insert in a wall to record something in another room. They really have to be held by the person taking the video. It is more likely that they were used to record a meeting, interactions at a club or restaurant than mounted to video other guests in their own private rooms. Neither device has Wifi capabilities, so whoever left the packaging is not streaming video using your wifi.

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Really? Damn, I was looking forward to the shock-horror story “Fellow airbnb guest filmed me having a crap!” coming out.
“Imagine my horror when I recognised my own butt-hole on a very seedy site that nobody should ever visit” etc.
It seems that you should’t be too worried @Scullard89. Maybe this could turn into a general thread about interesting packaging that we’ve found after guests leave?
Like verruca treatment :frowning:


Prescription butt cream.
He didn’t respond when i messaged asking if he wanted me to mail it to him.


I mean I don’t live at the house so I’m not worried about myself. I mostly wanted to share the packaging as a weird story.

Bahahahahahahahah, ok, Mags, that made ROTFLOL. Or LMAO, no pun intended! :flushed::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::grin::smile:


Well, you succeeded! :smile:

Did you by chance have a guest named Bond, James Bond?


Well, I’m not at liberty to say. But I can tell you that he doesn’t eat the olives… that is all I can reveal.

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For your viewing pleasure, I can only offer this:


Frankly, I would be very worried, but there’s not much you can do now, possibly months after check out. And if these devices do not have wifi capabilities., they likely took them with them. But it is super suspicious, I think.

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