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Events / conferences for hosts?

I attended the Airbnb Open in Paris last year and apart from the unfortunate incidents (terror attacks) the last day it was really great.

I wonder if anyone know any similar events / conferences for small businesses within the hospitality industry?


Perhaps we could create one in the states, as much as I want to go to Rio this year for the Open it’s going to bonkers expensive.

Is there one in Rio? I thought the next Airbnb open is to be arranged in Los Angeles. (https://airbnbopen.com/)

Could you send me link please?

@Jan_J we were in Paris as well, and sadly way to close to Batcalan theatre for comfort. I didn’t find the Open that exciting. We have been hosting for a long time, 6+ years, so maybe we know everything! JK. We didn’t learn much, but liked mtg other hosts, and socializing.

Oh my!! My friend who went to the open said they told them it was going to be in Rio this year, but with the whole president being impeached and turmoil I am quite glad they are moving it to LA!

@Jan_J Home Away has three conferences a year so I am going to network and learn some tips about hosting in Florida in October. The other ones are next week in Texas and the third is in Seattle and is the weekend before the Airbnb open.

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