EV Charger - getting immediate results!

Thanks all for the info and discussion about an EV charger. I had a Level 2 Chargepoint installed and after putting info in my description / amenities, I got my first booking - “EV charger is a big plus for us” - that day.

I decided not to charge money for it, and am looking at how it all plays out re: cost etc.

My ‘big’ concern is how to present the option of using it - they might have to ask me to schedule that parking space, etc… I was thinking it should go in messaging - I have a welcome that is automated when the booking occurs, that includes house rules etc. Question is, how to present it? Most guests will not need that info, and it will be unnecessary in that message.

A sign in the house in the entryway seems to clutter as well. I do leave a ‘read me first’ page in the room on the bed that has info about details such as where the bathroom is and such.

Finally, what to say?

Thanks in advance

Awesome that you got instant results from an EV owner.

I would just send a separate message (I think too much info in one message often means some of it gets overlooked)- “Please let me know if you will be using the EV charger, so I can send you information on that”.

Then, if they say yes, have a saved message you can send them with the details of where to park, etc.
And of course, same info in the house.


Nice work with the EV charger. You could slip a note in your welcome message that says “EV Charger Info Available – Just Ask!” That way, it’s there for those who need it without clutter.

Best of luck!

That’s great! We installed an EV charger when we opened 15 months ago and so far, so good (knock wood).

I’d say we’ve had less than 10 guests use it, that I know of, but the ones that do, love it. Every guest has known how to use it - whether Tesla or other brand - so I’ve been surprised that we don’t need to give additional support or info.

I don’t charge the guest to charge and haven’t noticed an increase in our utility bill. We also have a personal EV, so it’s great to charge sometimes when I’m there cleaning.

I think both the ideas from @muddy and @cityairbnb are right on!