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Erroneous Review


Got a funny review today.

I’m located in Seattle!


Bonkers. Completely. Hall of Review Fame. Perhaps we should re-start that thread…


This is my favorite one that we’ve gotten. They were angry that we charged them for extra people and for damages.


Quite funny though. $108 for a massage, an unacceptable one. And then he queries your level of education?? Okay, English is not his first language. Nil desperandum!


They got a lovely 2 star review back from us so it’s all even!


Ha. Love this. It’s sad when hosts get a bad review and they say “I gave all 5 stars” or vice versa.


We knew it was coming because they were very, very irritating from the moment they arrived. We wanted to review them even though we knew they would try to hit us back just so other hosts will know not to host them.


I was thinking of replying to notify guests that we do not have a Disneyland here in Seattle but I’m not even sure where to begin!

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