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Entitled guest demanding refund


No, the guest decided her fate when she cancelled.




You’re right again Yana


I ran and owned a resort in the South Pacific. Trip Advisor is great - as long as it’s going in your favor. But what I love about Air BnB is that you also can review the guest. And the guest reviews your property but it’s not posted until you review. So people are more careful at what they say. Not so on Trip Advisor. People are friggen nit picky. And - at least Air BnB qualifies the postings. You can’t just log on to Air Bnb, find a property, and blast them with a review. On Trip Advisor, we had a reviewer who had obviously never been to our resort. It was easy to tell - they posted photos of “staff” that weren’t our staff. They said they dived at our resort, yet we had no divers when they purported to stay. They said there was no fish on the menu and they had to “dig through our kitchen freezer for a freezer burnt piece.” We are literally in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. There is a fish entre every single day. But despite this, TA wouldn’t take the posting down. And if you have competition that isn’t ethical, they can post as if they were guests. It dropped our rating (one poor rating drops it down, and it takes many more to build it back up.) So yeah, they can be a blessing when booking, but some of their policies are not so amazing. I’d take Air Bnb any day!


Weren’t restaurants fed up too, and you were made to make a deposit to make a dinner reservation?


I haven’t noticed people in Ireland still do that. I just say “Yes” if I’d like tea. It was considered polite to say No. Then “I wouldn’t want to put you out. Are you sure it’s no trouble? Well, only if you’re having one.” that sort of thing.
Magwitch, say, “Aww, go on, go on, go on.” to your friend (from Father Ted)
Yes, I wish people were more direct and honest (in a polite way)


Yeah, guilty of stereotyping - hold my hands up. But you know, old habits die hard and that instinct to be polite still exists. It’s not a bad thing. The English, on the other hand… best say no more.


I used to give refunds. Because I was a nice guy. Then nice guy started running in to thousands of dollars and wasted time. Not so nice anymore. That includes people who “replace” them. Because my time is also important, and I run on small margins.


Thank you for explaining this so succinctly. I am saddened I can give your post but a single “like”.


I have a guest situation now who demands a refund in similar way. Saying she gets them other places, and how I’m not a good host. I dont’ like this approach and she is not in other place now she is in my place, or wanted to be except she cancelled. Her mind changing is not my mind changing. Thank you to not give any refund.


Stick to your policy, tell the guest she can cancel with Air and they handle it, it is out of your control. I agree, not your problem.



Update, I got a two day booking on my direct book website at a higher price and was able to refund the guest $490 of the $840


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