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Entitled guest demanding refund


Yep, best for them. They don’t care what your policies are, what the listing states, etc. There’s another thread about early and late check out that is exactly the same problem. We all state our times and yet people ask, unconcerned about what our needs are. These are entitled people.
I mostly refund but if I were out hundreds or thousands of dollars because the guest made a mistake or changed their mind I wouldn’t.

Exactly, the hosts who allow the bad behavior make it harder for all of us. I’m gearing up for a busy six week period after having a work guest in here most of the last three months and I’m warily anticipating more issues than I’ve had in the past as Airbnb becomes more and more popular.


I am more refering not to refund in this situation , I understand loosing income part but to how you called her entitled. Just not sure why the aggrevation because she asked.

I had many guests who are clueless. I had people coming in at 10 am not even thinking that there are previous guests in their room. I had people asking for refund at least 20 times and 75% of them I gave it for different reasons. Just last week I gave refund to 2 one nighters. First had autistic kid and he didn’t realize there were other people in the house but us, second booked literally standing in front of our door , he walked in , said, it’s not what I thought it would be and left. He asked for refund right there and I refunded him .
Why is he entitled? . If he demanded would be different story.


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I wouldn’t try to ask because I don’t like wagging on a deal or putting people out for something that is on me. This also applies when I’m paying off a mortgage, meeting someone for lunch, keeping a secret, etc. The more important question is why would you promise something that you weren’t actually committed to honouring?


You think people who you ask are shy to give you a NO answer?. I get NOs as many as I get YESs. Question always has two possible answers and the person who ask should be ok with both


We don’t have Charlie anymore but it was very difficult to find a good dog-sitter


I think some people who give you a yes or no answer ARE ‘shy’ to give you their answer, without you realizing it perhaps admitting it. That’s because the question itself is an imposition and creates unnecessary awkwardness. Some people might feel obliged to say yes even though they want to say no. Some people might say no and feel bad afterwards (even though they shouldn’t). Some people who ask might not react well if they don’t get the answer they were hoping for. This puts further unsolicited pressure on the person being asked. On the flip side, I am sure some people are happy when they get the question, perhaps standing by everyday hoping someone will cancel leaving them at a loose end lol. I still don’t understand why you would go ahead and promise something that you weren’t prepared to stand behind. Can you help me understand that a little better?

I have tenants. All of them pay on time every month. How do you think that makes me feel? The answer is great. And I also think that makes them great. In the past, when I wasn’t screening tenants properly, I would get the odd one who would ask me if they could pay the rent late. How do you think that made me feel? What does that say about the person asking?


This is what you think it’s an imposition and creates awkwardness. But it doesn’t create awkwardness with me when people ask me .
I think it’s very normal to ask and not imposition at all when I am asked for refund even if I have strict policy.
It’s doesn’t make me feel anything if a person asks.
I have tenants too and one of them pays me on time without exclusion for more than a year now . Another never pays on time for the same period of time . I still get my money and when we were away he was like a good friend helping me out with business and never said No when I asked for favour.
Every single week he asks me if he can pay late or partial payment, and every week i say ok.
I imagined he would make you feel awkward or being imposed on. But I am ok with it, and we both win.


@Yana, I think there are some big cultural differences over asking direct questions. The British are well-known for their aversion to directness, for example, although it’s not an exact science of course! Although I’m from UK, personally I find it frustrating to navigate all the unspoken social rules and appreciate it when people are straightforward. I have an Irish friend who I love dearly but she drives me crazy with this stuff. I have to ask her five times if she wants a cup of tea, seriously. (Yes I know Ireland isn’t in the UK before anyone says it).


It’s exhausting when surrounded by people who are afraid of asking questions and more , judge others who are not. If people were not afraid to ask and were not afraid to hear the answer, life will be significantly less complicated . Can I have a refund? Sorry no, or sure no problem . Simple and easy, no aggrevation .
Also want to add, many hosts and hotels just love guests who made a mistake. One host here said that he/she thinks of these people as her favourite guests.


Not just exhausting but sometimes damaging. I’m thinking now of a family situation where nobody wants to say what they really mean… and then suddenly, it’s too late already.

I don’t understand this. Can you give an example?


Every single week he asks me if he can pay late or partial payment, and every week i say ok.

Definition of a doormat right there.

That person has no respect for you, and I would say that’s largely because you give permission to be walked over.

We all do what works for us, you do you and I’ll do me.


Delivered by carrier pigeon


You don’t even know how wrong you are calling me a doormat.:grinning:It calls compromising in this case
Reading what I wrote you can’t make a conclusion that I do it because it works for me?
And it works for me very well. He is an examplery guest, stays with us for 14 months, never cooks, never home, when we leave, he takes over the household and I can 100% rely on him.
If it was you on my place or others who like to call guests like him entitled , you would loose him in heart beat only because he asks and imposes on you and makes you uncomfortable and creates awkwardness, etc…
Too many emotions…I choose to make a situation work


There was a poster here awhile ago who said that her favourite guests are those who book without reading ,or can’t make the trip and then she gets the money anyway without even trying to make situation work and try to refund people.
Also hotels: I once booked a hotel for more than 100$ and literally as soon as I clicked “book” I realized it was for the wrong day.
I called second later and they refused to give me refund. Yes I did make mistake but it was a matter of seconds .Once I booked a room in Milan through booking.com, the owner agreed for me to leave my bag. When I arrived she informed me that my card doesn’t work and she couldn’t charge it so I can’t stay and leave my bag.or even use toilet. I told her that it’s not even my check in time , when I come back my card will work, as it gets blocked sometimes by my bank. She was a mean lady, she was very rude and kept telling that no, no, you can’t stay. I can’t charge your card, means you have no reservation
I left and booked another hotel few minutes walk. My card still didn’t work , but I was allowed to use bathroom, leave my bag and they even brought me free espresso .
The mean lady proceeded on charging me anyway in a few hours when my card started working. Now how do you call it?? It’s just malicious toward a guest. She knew I would not come back. She chased me away saying you don’t have reservation anymore.
I called my bank and disputed showing them that I made another booking the same day at a different place and got my money back.
But as you see some hosts (not OP) and some
hotels just love when guests have to cancell.non refundable reservations.


I see its important to you to have the last word so please, go ahead.



You called me a doormat and you just want me to not answer you?


Here’s the thing though Yana: not everyone is a carbon copy of you. Not everyone feels the same way you do, nor should they. I would challenge you to consider that probably a good portion don’t. It takes all kinds. If you care about how you impact other people at all then try to consider this the next time you try to back out of a promise.

Why would you ever have a strict policy? All you need is flexible since you don’t feel anything but normal when guests pike out. No need for a lease that says when rent payment is due either since the good guys pay late.


I am not saying anyone is a carbon copy of me.
The same way as people here saying that host who thinks host like me are harmful to them, the exact same way I think that hosts like them are harmful to hospitality business.
I have strict policy for the same reasons as everyone else. I don’t want to be put out of money: if a guest cancells last minute, a reservation that was made awhile ago and my calendar was blocked for quite some time. Basically when a guest cancells I loose money. In this case I don’t refund. Also I didn’t refund few times when guests were bringing 12 people I stead of 8 and started being abusive on a phone and demanding I hosted them and didn’t want to pay extra for additional people. In this case itnis an entitled guest. But if a guest makes reservation and 2 hours later cancells. What harm did he do for me. ?
This is how I do it, and I am not saying everyone should follow me and be a carbon copy of me. Do your leases which I don’t do as my long term guests booked me originally through Air and stayed and keep on paying me weekly. Don’t accept late payments , it’s your business after all and I am not the one to tell you how to run it.
What bothers me is the attitude of some hosts to always attack guests and call them.entitled for no reason.
Yes it’s our houses we share and it’s not the same as hotels, and we should be respectful of each other and meet halfway . It is different from.hotel where we pay and they serve us.
But still, our guests pay us, not the other way around.
OP gets to keep lots and lots of money to not even providing service If it doesn’t get rebooked. I think it’s quite a reason to at least not call this guest entitled. She just parted with
May be her week worth of salary or may be even more .
It’s not like she was rude or abusive, she just asked hoping for better outcome


I am not sure why the host didn’t allow the dog and then ask for the guest to pay the cleaning fee. I feel for the poor guest in this story. Yes it is annoying when guests cancel but these things happen. A bit more understanding on the hosts part especially as it was over 1 months notice. Reduce the price and give the difference back to the unfortunate guest who cancelled.


I missed that part of cleaning fees.

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