Entire House vs. Private Rooms

Which set up do you think is more profitable. Renting out your entire house or Private Rooms?
I have a three bedroom house.

Entire house is more profitable and also easier hosting.


I don’t understand how whole house is easier hosting. As I am in the house with my guests I am able to identify and fix problems as they occur. I keep hearing stories of hosts going to clean whole houses and finding giant messes. I know as soon as a mess is made except if it’s in the guest room.


If it’s significantly more profitable than single rooms, it might be worth the added mess. I also charge a $15 cleaning fee per room and the average entire home cleaning fee in my town is $100.

Putting my whole house on AirBNB is a terrifying thought to me. I hope to take at least one trip this year, and I know that I could make a fair amount of money if I did, but, wow… this is my personal home. This isn’t a rental property. I just don’t think that I could stomach the idea.

I have done house swaps before. It is a tremendous amount of work, but somehow I find house swaps less scary.

If you have a three bedroom house and don’t live there, obviously, a whole house rental should make you more money than renting as separate rooms. However, I think you could list all four, but of course, that is a difficult calendar to manage.

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I agree. It’s way less work. Renting out separate rooms means you’re constantly cleaning, doing laundry, juggling departures and arrivals. Of course renting out an entire home means that the host also needs their separate “entire house”. And entire homes are by definition going to be lots more expensive to rent so you’re going to make more $.

I do very well with our desert condo. I rarely see the guests and I charge a sizable cleaning fee so I don’t have that chore. It’s pretty much effortless.

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@Scullard89 who answered her/his own question didn’t specify that they will live in the rental property.

I live in a two family home with two listings, Listing A is a two bedroom apartment which I used to rent as individual bedrooms. Listing B I rent as individual room as I live in this apartment as well.

It’s more profitable to rent listing A as a full apartment because I can have more people in the apartment since now I have guests in the living room (sofa bed) and I charge per guests. I don’t have to worry about guests not knowing each other or having issues with one another and I only do one cleaning at a time.

More money and easier hosting. But it isn’t my main home.

Right but if you rented out two rooms in listing A would you make the same, less or more than if you rent the whole apartment-like you do now.

This would be the tricky part for me, and potentially awkward for obvious reasons–the biggest one being the bathroom(s). However, there are some travelers who enjoy rubbing elbows with other guests and actually like the communal aspect.

It may not be worth it if your place is constantly trashed. Not talking just some extra sticky counters. You haven’t given enough info to even begin to guess.

You need to consider your market and the type of property you have. A 3 bedroom property with 3 ensuite bathrooms, in a huge beautiful Victorian house…just might bring in more money than renting out the entire house to a family looking to save money on a budget. Three couples often have more money to spend than one couple with 4 kids.

You don’t say if you would live there in a fourth bedroom, or whether you would have to rent out another place while you rent out the whole house.

And there are so many factors to consider when renting out a whole home. Will you be on site or close to the property?

Will you have many people renting from a different culture? If so, you need to prepare yourself if those guests won’t understand how to operate things in your home. Will someone flood your wood floors all week and think they are doing nothing wrong?

Does your location attract spring breakers? Will you have noise issues with your neighbors? Will you even have neighbors to help look after your place?

That’s one of the strengths we have here. The guests who rent one room love meeting and talking with the guests who rent another room. We don’t orchestrate who books here, and the combinations of people who meet each other at our breakfast table have been tremendous.


I will be not living in this house either way. But I have security camera and nest products that monitor the house plus a daily house cleaner. Traditionally I’ve been renting out single rooms. I just want to know other people’s perspectives.

I didn’t answer my own question. I’m looking for others perspectives- from people who have done both, what was more profitable.