Entire Home Host Q: Extra guests and breaking rules... how do you deal?

We rent out our entire home and have a strict policy that only guests who are registered in the reservation and part of the original total are allowed on the property and no additional visitors or guests are allowed unless approved by the hosts.

I feel that people are doing everything they can to skirt this rule and even when finding out we have a Ring doorbell, trying to hide who comes in the home. I’m about to call it a day with this, as the handful of guests that are doing this are ruining the experience we have with all the other great ones. Just seems exhausting to continue and say ‘Did you not read the house rules?’.

Does anybody have a good approach to this or experiences to help us keep the customer happy while having them know they are int he wrong and should be happy they aren’t being canceled?

Thank you, as always, for any insight.

I heard of a host charging for day passes for visitors to the listing. (House rules, request money) This might be a disincentive to bringing visitors, hopefully reaching a tipping point to meet them elsewhere!

When you have proof that this has happened (CCTV footage, photographs or whatever) send the guests a request for extra money for the additional guests as per your listing.

What @jaquo said. Got a listed visitor day rate that’s outrageous? Got footage of visitors? Explain this to registered guest in a Air message, and tell them they now owe you $X per visitor telling them that you are informing Air about their violation of your rules. Then call Air CS and have them re-homed immediately…


They re-home guests that violate your house rules? The other platform we use alongside AirBnB will cancel the guest for violation and not return any of their funds.

We are 30 seconds away from the home and drive by it frequently, as well as have neighbors next door that help keep an eye on things. It’s difficult to drop the hammer out of fear of review retaliation… though we are a business and if someone is adding guests that aren’t approved, I guess we gotta drop the hammer.

You may need to relax your expectations to lessen the stress level. If a guest has a few people over and there are no issues. I don’t see the a reason to lose sleep over it. I know your approach is used by other hosts, but in general, I think the expectation is visitors are welcome.

I have a few rules, one is no unregistered guests. Another is, There cannot be any more than 3 persons in or on property at any point in time. Violation of this will result in the removal of all guests without refund. (I plan to change this number slightly when I put another bed in the unit, but not by a lot). I have CCTV, and I will clean out everyone if they violate. No qualms here. I have been a landlord for too many years to even think about nonsense.

How do you clean out everyone? The police wouldn’t come trespass our guests that were having a party. Thank you for your help!

So sad that that you or any host thinks that way. :fearful:

I refuse to be intimidated by guests or by Airbnb itself. So what if you get a bad review. No one is going to come around and smash up your place, or do anything more than print a handful of bad words.

If a review is too bad, you might get Air to remove it, if it can be proven wrong. If not, a single review will get buried quickly enough. Even if it shows, a single bad review won’t look bad; most folks understand that even the best will get an occasional bad review. One out of 50 is nothing; but 20 out of 50 means something is wrong.

Air will re-home or kick out bad guests depending on phase of the moon, time of the week, state of the tide and other esoteric factors known only to the High Warlock.


For one thing, a call to Airbnb with those rules, will cancel their reservation, and allow you to keep their money without refund. Airbnb will notify them to leave the premises immediately. The police will assist me in my locality, but I’ve not had to use it with Airbnb, I’m scary enough on my own :wink:

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So am I and I’m a little old lady. :slight_smile:


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