Enquiry to bring airbed for children

Hi. We’ve only been doing Airbnb for a month. It’s set up for 2 guests - double bed. No couches etc. Just got an enquiry as follows:

“Hi there just checking would you accept a booking from myself and husband along with our two girls ? We could bring an air bed for them.”

Wouldn’t mind accommodating them as things are pretty much booked up where I live (Galway, Ireland). I’ve no provision set up for charging extra guests etc.House rules say not suitable for children or infants. Any advice welcome. Thanks. Tommy

Just remember that by saying yes to them you are breaking your own rules. That might make a difference to their behaviour during their stay. You want them to abide by your house rules yet you have broken one by letting the kids in. And it’s pretty rude of them to expect you to do so.

Personally, I would tell them why you say no kids. I do - unfenced waterfront, balcony, hard tiled floors etc.

This usually puts decent parents off. :slight_smile:


Based on the anedotal evidence posted here, guests look for new hosts to take advantage of. First it’s this, then it’ll be that and next thing you know you are here looking for advice on making a damage claim.

Except for you? Why is that? Raise your price and abide by your rules. Or if you’re willing to accommodate more to make more/get more bookings, then set yourself up for that.


Hi.I have declined their request. I apreciate your advice.


Welcome to the forum! I’m happy to see a Galway host since I hope to visit that area again before too long. My family is from Knockferry and Headford. I have a no children under 14 policy but I have made exceptions now and then with no dire consequences. The age of the children really matters. I also like the suggestion to tell them exactly why you limit children. Also if you do ever allow some children be sure to specify that they cannot be left unattended there. You’d be surprised at the cut off age parents have for leaving their kids alone.

Good move. I’m set up for 2. The 1br 1ba rental could easily accommodate 4 but I don’t want to. The damage thus repairs needed increase substantially with the additional guests

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If your area is pretty much booked up then Raise Your Prices!
Good luck to you!


Keep in mind that air mattresses on the floor in addition to beds and furniture might be safety hazards, blocking safe exit from a room. Your local fire code might prohibit air mattresses and/or limit the number of people in a bedroom.


We also do not host children because we have a pond in the garden and a dog that gets excited and boisterous around children. We have accepted children twice. The first time without any problems. The 2nd time was disastrous. Never again.


I have a listing for 2 and I would say no. I have it set up that way for a reason. The only thing better than two guests is one guest.