Enquiry from guest - profile completely empty, not even what they provided as a user

I just received an enquiry. I have IB but they were polite and asked if a very late arrival was a problem. Checked their profile - it’s completely empty. A lot of guests don’t bother to fill out a profile these days and that doesn’t bother me particularly. But at least you’d get some information about where they’re from, whether they’ve provided a phone number, email, govt ID etc.
But there’s nothing. Is this a glitch or a new thing?

Since it’s an inquiry/enquiry, you can at least communicate with them. I wouldn’t accept a booking without the basic profile being filled out. But I’m an in-home host and want to make sure I’m getting somewhat normal people.


I’m in an in-home host as well but I take anyone with a pulse and money (to borrow a phrase from another poster). I was just wondering whether anyone else had notice this.

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Maybe I’m crazy but I feel like I’ve had quite a few IB’s that didn’t have any info in their profile. I wonder if there’s a way to see which of your previous guests used IB or not. Our listing is set to where guests can only IB if they have a govt ID on file but I swear that’s not happening.

I use IB as well, but I checked off all the boxes for someone to be able to use it. I have noticed a lot of inquiries have been from folks with “I’m from Ohio” or nothing. I message them and then accept the money and pulse. :wink:

I don’t think it’s a glitch because I’ve had a few guests with totally blank profiles - this is going back months or even years. But you know me, a pulse and a purse… :crazy_face:

Thanks for the responses. None of them actually address my question, though! I probably didn’t word it sufficiently. The issue is that the profile is totally and utterly blank. There is literally nothing there - just the Airbnb header “Hi, I’m XXX”.

I have never come across this before. Even if they haven’t given any details in their personal profile, there is always something like XX has provided an email address, telephone number etc.

I’ve seen a number of totally blank profiles. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think it’s a glitch at all.


Oh well, it must just be me that’s seeing a first then.

Truly, as I said above, I’ve seen it several times. No problem though. :slight_smile:

If it’s an inquiry, I can ask away. If I don’t hear back, I know what to do.

I haven’t seen that either @Magwitch At a minimum I want guests to a) have photo ID b) have a clear profile photo on booking, c) answer my IB questions.

I have always seen in a profile someone’s name, where they are from, whether they have verified social media, their photo, their phone number and usually location.

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I used to enjoy having a good feel for who was coming based on the more extensive old profiles. Required information was cut back a lot due to some very justifiable complaints regarding discrimination. Suddenly instead of a picture of a guest, I got a picture of their dog or no picture at all. Then the information started to shrink. Now I’m totally unsurprised when there is no information.

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Yes, that’s what I meant! Not necessarily any information they’ve written about themselves but the things you’ve listed (apart from photo which is not visible when it’s an enquiry).

I’ll post some screenshots.

OK, so this is what an enquiry usually looks like:

And this is what I received recently:

That’s what I meant by “completely blank”. It seems very odd.

I think it might be a glitch. There have been several prior posts with this complaint.

Oh, I didn’t realise that - sorry! A glitch… mmh, how very unusual :roll_eyes:

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