Enough of this guestcentric BS Airbnb

I am sick and tired of being patronised by your dashboard comments saying “A OK, everything is good so far, you’re looking great, just tidy up your stuff in this area”.
Seriously who the k do you think you are AirBnb to tell me how to host my guests with your patronising sterile, parent to child like comments??
Despite 67 reviews mostly 5
it only takes one or two lower marks and suddenly we lose our Superhost status.
Where in the f
* wide world did you make u this guestcentric system?
Do you realise I have been down starred for not having Netflix and not a strong enough WiFi to stream it!
Tell me a hotel who supplies that for free??
Seriously look at your hosts and pay them a bit more respect than the guests before someone usurps your business and gives us a fairer deal for all the hard work and effort we put in and doesn’t judge us on a ridiculously unfair tariff!!!


I supply wifi and Netflix for free, as part of my amenities. At $1.50 a week it is a small cost.

That’s all very well dependent on where you host!!

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Do you mention in your listing that you don’t have the best wifi, that there may be wifi issues? I have no idea where you are, but these days good wifi is expected and guests choose properties with wifi as it is an expected working inclusion.

Uh, a multi-billion dollar company?

I doubt they can run the platform for much less. You pay 3%, guests pay 6 to 12%.

I’m sure if you create a host-centric platform you will get hosts to sign up. I’m not sure if you’ll get guests but who needs 'em, right?

I think the airbnb model is to be “not like a hotel.”

What’s unfair is that you’ve fully disclosed that you have crappy wifi and no Netflix and people still choose to stay there and then give you less than 5 stars for it. I can only suggest emphasizing it even more so people won’t stay there and be disappointed. Maybe remove wifi as an amenity altogether then people will be pleasantly surprised when they get any wifi at all.

BTW, this forum isn’t owned or monitored by Airbnb. So if you are just venting, fine. Just so you know.

I hope you’ve got it off your chest. The answer is to ignore the comments and act like a grown-up. If you think you’re doing a great job, then Airbnb’s comments and strictures hardly matter, do they?

What you have to remember is that there are some seriously bad hosts out there and Airbnb has to have automated systems in place to weed them out. We might all fall foul of them from time to time. What prompted your rant? A bad review? A warning that your star ratings aren’t good enough? Ignore them and move on.

Why is that? We host in an incredibly popular area. For every amenity we add to the listing the price increases. We are certainly not the cheapest in our area and wouldn’t want to be.

Yeh I am venting and you can all do one.

You signed up here to come insult people? You’ll be blocked and removed if you continue.

@Brian_Shepherd we’ve all been there (close to burn out). Better you came on here to vent … than wrote a venty reply to your review.

Hopefully you’ll get a really nice guest soon who will make you remember some of the positives …

I totally get your frustration … it feels like you’re giving everything and it’s still not enough. Superhost status isn’t everything :slight_smile: take a step back if you can


A bit rude, that. I suspect that it is you who should do one before you’re removed from the forum.

This forum is here for hosts to help each other. True, we don’t mind venting but largely the members here are posting in order to help other hosts and to compare experiences. Please feel free to do so.

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I’m not familiar with the term “you can all do one”. I just thought he didn’t finish his sentence. What does it allude to?

Well, in English English, it’s slang for (putting it nicely) ‘get lost’. :slight_smile:

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Rhyming slang - go and get ducked!

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Ohh, okay, though I probably won’t remember it because it’s not intuitive.

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So I suspect that the OP is English. And as it is past midnight there, he might have partaken of a drop or two :slight_smile:

It is (used to be?) a common phrase in the UK ’ Jus’ do one, willya?’

He’s definitely English. ‘Do one’ can also mean shut up.

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I think it’s absolutely understandable to vent your frustration with AIR and their ratings system. Do you best to ignore their exceedingly patronizing automated messages – I feel it’s a small price to pay given the traffic they provide me. I’ve started listing with vrbo and I have now have several good bookings (7+ days) but i still get the majority of my guests through AIR.

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By the way, he also edited that post. I don’t know if anyone can see it or just other moderators but there were two words following his comment. Sounds even more English :slight_smile:

Could be Australian…
Living in a world where everything is rated by someone’s else’s reviews can be very tiring.
My husband is an optometrist. Just forminterests sake I looked up reviews on the group he belongs to. Not one review. Lots of negatives for other chains but nothing at all for him. So - what is best ? Dead silence ? Lots of positives, with the extra work to maintain it. Or is the service received as it should be and expected so not worth commenting about?


It is tiring @Debthecat. And it’s hard to thicken your skin. I see that advise a lot ‘don’t take it so personally’ but of course one does …