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Emotional Support


Never mind!! And I didn’t want to open up a line of conversation that would just make me feel worse. I will never be using this forum again because it is completely unhelpful and actually does create fear for me. I was hoping that somebody would want to be my friend but I can see that this is just another hostile place just like the rest of Airbnb. Enjoy your stupid form everybody because I will not be joining it again


Vent on here - seems a bit odd to email you …


I have had a lot of support here just venting about the odd stuff that we encounter, like my guest that cooked with miso and that whole place stinking like smelly socks and three day old fish. Trust me that experience had me going batty.


Stacey, venting on here will get you a wide range of replies that will be very helpful to you. Sometimes other hosts will not agree with you, and you will learn more that way than if we just all agree.

You can also search the prior postings - you’ll get a lot of great insight there as well.

Welcome aboard!!


Perhaps it may be more helpful to look at this or any forum as a place to exchange ~ideas~ and ~experiences~ to LEARN from others.

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