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Emotional Support Squirrel



Okay… so now we’ve had someone try to bring an emotional support squirrel on a flight certainly not as bad as the person with the peacock or the turkey but still pushing the envelope. She was denied and taken off the flight because the airline’s policy limits emotional support animals to dogs and cats. What I want to know is when will Air start being more specific about what they consider an emotional support animal?

Currently their rules are open ended:

Emotional Support Animal: Airbnb defines assistance animals to include Emotional Support Animals. These are animals that are used as part of medical treatment and/or therapy to assist with an individual’s daily functional tasks, but are not limited to a specific type of animal and are not required to be trained to assist an individual in a particular task. These animals are sometimes referred to as comfort animals or therapy animals.

I dread the day someone tries to bring an emotional support Honey Badger to my guest house. :astonished:


I wish I could remember where I heard/read about the emotional support Hamster being denied on the flight, and the owner opted to flush the poor little guy.
(actually) Here is the report from TIME magazine:


You couldn’t make it up. Never mind emotional support, that cruel snowflake student needs a reality check.


Actually, I could totally buy the idea of a support squirrel. We get terribly excited in early Autumn when we hear the first “chuck-chuck-chuck” of the squirrel family that comes to use our pine trees as training climbing schools for their new members. We watch them for hours - very therapeutic … of course, they are Spanish red squirrels (actually dark brown) not those nasty common invasive greys that they get in the UK …
So what would your ideal support animal be? I’d go for a giraffe - beautiful, strong and peaceful, usually non-violent, and those gorgeous eyelashes …


A couple of months ago I was in hospital having a minor operation and I told the nurses that my (large 6 ft tall, 250 lbs) husband was my ‘emotional support buffalo’. :slight_smile:


But seriously, I think ABB’s definition is overly broad and allows any pet to be called emotional support.


I want an emotional support Porsche.


@Caelleai - Now THAT’S my idea of an emotional support “animal” - haha!


Please tell me if you Aussie… A “honey badger” is a term that us Aussies have just learnt recently. I think there aren’t many of us that know whether this a real or mythical creature with a lot of hair.


Is this a rude thing?


Interesting read:


Of course it’s a dog.



“Honey badgers don’t give a SHIT!!!” “Oh look now he’s running backwards!” Really funny video!


You can see my concern at the thought of an emotional support honey badger :wink:


Yes, indeed I can! Hahahaha! That guy’s voice On the video still has me chuckling.


The Honey Badger is a great role model for snowflake pussy types though.


They don’t even need to bring their own emotional support squirrel here. It’s an “amenity” in my house. There are a so many in the back yard, despite my dog’s pathetic efforts.

We even have the black ones. They are brazen and crazy. Sometimes I hear them running around on the roof.

(Aww…crud. Some guest is going to complain about them aren’t they?)


Wow, that’s amazing! What an animal, first time I’ve see it. In Oz we just had guy as “The Bachelor” who called himself the honey badger but I don’t think many of us knew what it meant.


The Honey Badger is quite a mild mannered creature compared to many in Oz!

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